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Northern Ireland household spending power 'half the UK average'

Household spending power in Northern Ireland is about half the UK average, according to new data.

Compiled for Asda by London economists CEBR, the latest income tracker shows families in the region have an extra £8 a week compared with a year ago.

However, their discretionary income of £103 a week compares with a record UK average of £201.

Additionally, it says almost 10% of Northern Ireland workers in 2014 were employed at or below the minimum wage compared with just over 5% across the UK as a whole.

Wales has discretionary income of £180 a week, Scotland has £200, and the poorest English region, the north-east, has £133.

The pace of growth has slowed considerably for Northern Ireland householders - it rose by 9% between April and June, compared with 18% in the corresponding quarter of 2015.

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I'd say it explains a lot. 

Any ideas on what direct rule will mean for public spending? Unlikely to rise.

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On 13/04/2017 at 11:20 AM, willie said:

I noted a few days ago the Bel tel trumpeting that NI house prices have risen 5.7% this last year.  How does that sit with today's figure that the NI economy is 5% lower than 2007?

"The NI economy is 5% lower than 2007" NI House prices are 45% lower than they were in 2007 

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