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Tales Of Woe From Across The Atantic

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Worth reading the whole thread, some interesting personal insights.

The coming Depression has begun: Tent cities have gone up in the suburbs

I'm also in central Florida and can tell you the exact same story. After 11 years in business, I closed the doors four months ago. I can't find a job, I can't get unemployment benefits, and I just don't exist according to the government.

What worries me the most is for the first time I can remember, there are beggars on the street in my small town.

I'm unemployed as well. I got laid off from work in August

as an Office Manager due to no work for the small business.

I drew unemployment for 17 weeks and have applied for over 40

positions since. I haven't even got an interview with a single one.

I don't live in my house anymore. My family moved out of it and we

rent it out to make the mortgage payment and we live in a small

run-down shack which we refurbished with scrap lumber and a tin

roof. we don't have central air or heat. we do have running water

and electricity and phone and that's it. That will be turned off soon

since I have no source of income to pay the bills or buy food for

my 2 kids and wife. Times are really bad. The worst I have ever

seen in my lifetime. I've even thought about ending it all and let my

family collect the insurance money to stay afloat thru this crisis.

But I don't have any hope for this nation at present nor me or my family.

All the while Bush sits in his heated White House and does absolutely

nothing to help folks like us. I guess we're just part of that 500

Million population cutback in the NWO. Hey, at least I know my

place in it all. Me and my family are supposed to perish. And

nobody gives a damn.


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