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Converting Weekly To Per Calendar Month Pcm Rent

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Confused about this, I trawled the web to get the answer. Here's what I found.

How to calculate weekly rent into per calendar month (pcm) rent ...

There are two ways, both of which arrive at the same result. The first way is to multiply the weekly rent by four then add one third of one week's rent. For example, for a weekly rent of £90 you would calculate 4 X £90 + £30 to get £390 per calendar month (£30 being one third of one week's rent).

The second way gets the same result, you multiply £90 by 52 (doh! that's 52 weeks in the year) then divide by 12 (doh! that's the months in the year). £90 X 52 = £4,680 divided by 12 = £390.

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Both methods seem fine to me.

The idea is that, on average, a month is four-and-a-third weeks long. This can be worked out by dividing the number of weeks in the year by the number of months, i.e. 52 / 12 = 4.333(333... to as many digits as your calculator can show!)

So, one way or another, multiplying the weekly rent by 4.333(333...) gives the monthly equivalent.

Sorry, I feel like I'm stating the obvious, but your solitary post seemed so lonely! :)

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