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Unremarkable posters even reaching 10 years on HPC now

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2 hours ago, worzel said:

Yep, remember him (or her). I even remember your top of the line Audi A8. 


The activity on the forum is just a fraction of what it was back then.

Ended up buying in 2007, but went cheap as a precaution. Prices then dropped a little round my way but recovered shortly after. Moved to the “forever” home in 2015, and have watched prices continue to go up since. I’ve been able to weather the storm as I’ve been lucky on the job front, but the situation sucks for those on average salaries.


ps. What are you driving these days?

Merc M Class 350, though I am up for changing it now the kids are bigger!

Trying to persuade the wife to let me make a midlife crisis purchase, or else something from Tesla.

On the housing side, I've now moved from concern about making what seemed like a massively expensive purchase (both in 2003 and 2009)at the time to concern about what then up and coming generations are going to do. I am seeing well paid 30-year-olds struggling, though partially self-inflicted as they insists on London locations.

Still got a few years on the mortgage myself, but the outstanding is pretty small now.


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worst of the already 30 years before that. 

given up owning anything in this country, no career either.

still at least you get used to a tortures life. nowt can get much worse, if it does that will be probably be the best bit of news i have had in ages. 


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On 16/01/2018 at 6:29 PM, copydude said:

What happened to interestrateripoff?


He wore his finger stumps out and can now only post by bashing his nose on the key board.

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