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LIKES AND DISLIKES! since when in HPC like facebook?

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This new stupid 'like' or 'dislike' button is being abused. 

Many notable members on here have been spammed with 'dislikes' which sadly also show up under their names.
I would hate for the more noted HPC veterans to be presumed poop talkers due to this cruddy new feature.

I noticed 'muddlehead' member on here has spammed a lot of the best HPC members who now have a negative number by their name.

If anyone else would like a load of likes from me, then give me a shout to balance out this particular bad actor. In reality this feature should not exist at all. 

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Not keen on this idea, I've seen it elsewhere and all too often it becomes just another way of saying "Look how popular I am!" or "Look, no-one likes you, nyah!"

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