Junior ISAs? Cash or stocks and shares?

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Those of you with kids, has your child got a Junior ISA or a Child Trust Fund (pre-child ISA's)? If so, is it stocks and shares or cash? Trying to find a good one to recommend to a relative who has just had a baby. 

Tesco do a cash one which is 3.00% but rates can change. Not sure whether to recommend cash or s&s.

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On 21/10/2017 at 1:26 PM, Inoperational Bumblebee said:

S&S all the way for me. Using Youinvest for the little'un, and just putting it into SWDA.

Same - although I've gone practically to all cash at the moment.

Just wanted a start position / own savings / 'their future' position, so made a commitment of opening stocks-and-shares ISA (YouInvest) with view of trying to achieve some slow growth.  It's rubbish hitting 18 with no money behind you.  And it's all well-and-good to say that will do it in the future (as good person) but never get around to it.  Don't really plan to deposit any more (have to think about overall buying a modest house position still, which pretty much depends of there being some HPC). 

It's odd managing ISA Stocks n Shares with someone else in mind.   Feel even more cautious, although nicely up vs a savings-account.  The fund you've linked to seems to have enjoyed very good performance.


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