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Is it okay so say I really enjoyed the Women's high jump?

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Gold won by the Russian girl.

I found it a bit unsettling that she had to compete as a 'neutral' wearing IAAF approved colours, because her country was banned.

More surreal was that she had to stand throughout the ceremony as the IAAF anthem played (yes, I hadn't realised they had an anthem either!).


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Yeah, Lasitskene looked kinda whistful during the iaaf anthem. One can only imagine what was going on in her head.

Probably much the same as everyone else: "They know I'm Russian. What's the point of pretending otherwise?"

'Course, now they've opened the door to 'independents' it'll be difficult to close it. In years to come expect an independent standing under an 'Alphabet' flag, or standing atop the podium as they play the Apple anthem.


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On 8/13/2017 at 4:07 PM, Paul77 said:

Who is she? ;)


Yuliia Levchenko

2017 IAAF World Silver medalist, women's high jump.  Ukraine.

She lovely! :wub:

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Wrong assignment nationality. Thanks Errol

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