Barnard Marcus auction results (rampers look away now)

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Why let the facts spoil a good story. Email received from BM today: 


Auction Results continue to climb

Dear Sir/Madam ,

Following our fourth auction of the year, we have now offered some 771 properties from the rostrum, and sold 558. The number of lots offered and lots sold, has once again exceeded the results of any other London Residential Auctioneer and we continue to retain our leading market share offering around 1 in 4 of all residential auction lots in London.
Interest in buy-to-let properties again featured in this month’s sale, with gross yield for the year-to-date now standing at an inflation busting 7.95%.
As bidders shrugged off any election uncertainty, notable sales this month included Lot 6, a freehold vacant house in Harrow sold on behalf of the Executors which made £426,000 off a guide of £395,000. Lot 8 was offered on behalf of East Thames Group housing association, this freehold vacant building for modernisation was guided at £650,000 sold for £736,000 after competitive bidding.
Outside London regional stock continued to drive strong interest with Lot 12, a substantial pair of freehold buildings sold by the receivers for £280,000 off a guide of £225,000 and Lot 158, a freehold house with potential offered by a housing association guided at £160,000 selling for £215,000.

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On 17 May 2017 at 11:12 PM, GreenDevil said:


What a load of old tosh.... lol

I notice this month there was no claims of standing room only, perhaps they expected a HPCer post a photo to the contrary lol

Are you suggesting they pulled out a couple of non indicative examples. How very dare you....these house sellers are the cornerstone of integrity. 😆 

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On 5/17/2017 at 5:33 PM, GreenDevil said:

Well it does because some idiots puts it one bid at 40k then is surprised they get it. Or he starts bidding at 30k and he get's run up to 40k when he is simply the only bidder. 

Its a scam simply.

There's similar practices in most businesses where Joe Clueless can try his luck at being a trader. New customer at a toy warehouse will be paying more for the same products than the stall holder guy with years of experience. A newbie fruit and veg shop owner will be paying more for stock than experienced shop owners.  

As the saying goes:

If God didn't want them to get fleeced, He wouldn't have made them sheep.

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