Halifax +1.7% MOM +6.5% YOY

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20 hours ago, btd1981 said:

I love your analogy. I've had similar thoughts and this is a really nice way of describing it. The secondary, tertiary skips are presumably people priced out of their local markets in the main towns. You say sales volumes have fallen in Barth, but will prices?

Thank you. I'd say it's anyone looking to benefit from the price differential, so both the priced out, and the downgraders.

Whether prices will fall is obviously a tricky question. I spent over an hour writing a reply to answer that, then decided to summarise it as: I don't know, maybe, probably, yes but then again perhaps not!

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17 hours ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:


"Here in the UK, Mark Carney’s blast of quantitative easing after the Brexit referendum is already looking like a mistake that will have to be unwound. Even in Japan, the central bank is starting to tweak its plans. "

They saw mistake...I say crime.


Which particular law do you think has been broken?

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14 hours ago, Lavalas said:

I always thought this was your graph. Knight Frank have stole it if so...


I find it interesting how little time each minister stays in charge.  It's clearly not in their interest to actually develop a long-term policy.

With a 1-2 year average term, the only policy seems to be "avoid blame, get another job asap".

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