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Gold Breaks 3-Month Rule For 1St Time In 11 Years

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"Between March 2001 and April 2012, the price of gold never fell for 3 months in succession. So expecting "two months max" made for a great signal to buy gold on pullbacks, most recently in Jan. 2010 (your last chance below $1100) and April 2009 (last chance below $900).

That third month just never came. Until April 2012."


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I came out of PMs (mostly silver) a little while back, with a return I was happy with.

I'm not going back in any time soon.

The gold game is a ridiculous gamble, unless you're at the top. And you're not.

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You get the same patten in most markets.

1, At first it grows, everyone is calling bubble and it just keeps going.

2, There is a good correction.

3, Everyone piles in because it cheaper than it was and it now looks like a good investment.

4, The price grows and surpasses the previous peak.

5, A new paradigm is called

6, The bubble grows further

7, It then pops and latecomers get burnt.

Gold is just going from stage 1 to stage 2.

Silver is in stage 2.

Stage 3 will come after Spain hits the fan.

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