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I'd love to see some stats on NHS costs in first cousin marriage areas.

Something on R4 about it this morning and some horrificly disabled children being born. (a 5 yr old who can't talk, is blind, has misformed bones and has a short life expectancy)

Can't find a reference to the Bradford study.

Apparently it's such a sensitive issue that someone has to read a carefully worded statement off a leaflet and then refer couples to a GP for genetic testing.

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If you mention this you are racist. That is why no one talks about it. But it is no secret that first cousin marriages cause considerable health problems for any resultant kids. Also as you say it tends not to just one problem but several different problems. Hence the reason it is discouraged in most religions. In more primitive times these kids would have died but now we have the means to keep them alive and treat them, however this is also very costly, add the costs of treating the elderly and this country will collapse under the cost of the NHS.

Conversely, children of mixed-race parents are the least likely to suffer from genetic diseases, in theory.

I say 'in theory' because I understand that the issue of race is so sensitive no conclusive study has been performed.

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