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Fishing On Canal - Rules?

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You'd think but. Have spent 20 minutes looking.

I'll have another look.

I understand you always need a rod licence but can't see about towpath noy.

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As I used to understand and was once told, fishing from a bank requires a rod licence, fishing from a boat does not.

Local permits may also be required by waters controlled by a local club or other authority.

Scrap that, it appears fishing from a boat and not rtequiring a license is a myth.

I've only be checked a couple of time in my life, once I had it the other time I didn't.

All they did was ask for my name and address and for me to post it to them, could of given them any details I fancied.

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If you are aged 12 and over and fi sh in freshwater in England

and Wales you will need a rod licence no matter where you

fi sh. Licences are issued by the Environment Agency and can

be bought from your local post offi ce or online at sh. Depending on how

much you pay, they cover you for a day, an eight day period,

or a full 12 months starting from April 1 each year. You don’t

need a rod licence if you’re fi shing in Scotland.

If you’re aged from 12 to 16 you can buy a junior 12 month

licence, which costs just £5.00. Reduced cost licences are


From the Environmental Agency's pdf -

The season is closed until June isn't it - so you have some time to find out.

Permits or day tickets

In most fresh waters, anglers will usually need a permit

from the angling club or landowner controlling the water.

Sometimes you can buy a day ticket which allows you to

fi sh for that day only; more frequently, you can buy a season

permit which lasts for a year between set dates.

Make sure you have it (and your rod licence) with you when

you go fi shing, or fi nd out in advance if you can buy one on

the bank. In a few places you may be able to fish without

charge, and some clubs allow those too young to need a rod

licence to fi sh for free as long as they’re with a responsible

adult. Ask for details in your local tackle shop. You don’t need

any licence or permit to fish in the sea

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June eh?

Well the litte kipper has been fishing for 22 years (he's 22 ffs) without a licence so he must be he exception to the rule.

I guess for most of those 22 years he got away with it as he was a kid. But he is just asking for trouble now - sooner or later he will be caught.

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