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What Is The Difference Between The Blog And Forum

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Sorry, not about house prices, but why have a blog section and a forum when both serve the same purpose, and layout looks much the same?????

Just curious.

The blog is for lesser beings whereas the forum attracts a more classy clientele who possess that certain je ne sais quoi

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Several months back, I copied a link to a particularly bearish news article from the HPC blog and posted it over on EAToday. A HPCer read it over there, then started a new HPC thread in the forum about this amazing article they had found posted on EAToday...


Having the blog and the forum quite often means HPC's left and right arms don't know what they're doing. Good discussions and informative pieces of news frequently get lost in between IMO.

A classic example is the work PhDinbubbles does on the blog re a graph of the housing indices' fall from peak. This would receive wider coverage in the forum, if it was also posted there. Simailarly, FreeTrader's excellent monthly updates in regard to the ongoing crash compared to last time only remains on the forum...

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