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Black Monday !

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(personally seems unlikely because bonds didn't really confirm a big sell off imo)

It's the dollar innit.

It's been in a fairly tight range for the last 6 weeks which accounts for the apparent weakness in equities.

If it breaks up risk's off, if it breaks down risk is on again. So it's either a continuation or reversal. :D

Edit: FWIW I suspect we may well have another 2-3 months left of this risk upleg (following this dip) which will take us into Q1. At which point the risk of a more serious correction looks to increase.

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Get ready for it!

Absolutely looked like a black week and now we are floundering on 5770 from 5900, this despite the fact that we got the 1% GDP boost to sentiment. I sold out last Friday because it looked pretty obvious that we were on for an absolute shocker this week. Whether this is the start of something that brings us back into buying territory remains to be seen, I would consider it at 5500. The GDP stats may sustain the rally, it was up 14% from my buying point during the Greek elections, on the other hand it may have to do without Qe props. Thought I had better cash in my 6K gain and claim my one sixty millionth share of the 375 bn QE before Lord Turner turns it into helicopter money by forgiving the debt.

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