Car Mileage Clocking Services £90 - 8% Of Newish Exec & Luxury Cars Done

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Clocking appears to be rampant. A while ago I once wrote:

...Phone the seller and get the required information to:

- Check the current MOT status and MOT history of a vehicle for free: and might help locate missing advisory notices.

In 2010 there were over 600,000 cars in the UK that displayed a lower mileage than recorded a year earlier, that's more than 1 in every 4 new cars sold that could be clocked at some point in their history (say 2M new cars sold per year and if 600K older cars are clocked each year ? :o maybe), not to mention those clocked before their first MOT at 3 years old and any inter year rollbacks that don't go negative. See this BBC article on clocking. Great to see the DVLA are doing so much to protect us :angry: NOT. More from Auto Express here and BBC WatchDog.

- 'Vehicle Enquiry' to check the details held by DVLA match the log book (V5 documentation): (click 'Vehicle Enquiry')....

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Rubbish, It's rampant. I was looking to buy a mk8 Honda Civic in LAte December / Early Jan and enquired and looked an at least 7 before buying. Caiught 3 people out ( 1 "dealer" and 2 private) who where dumb enough to have for sale mileages less than recent previous (or several previous) MOT's recorded on the Goverment website.


How, it was easy, took laptop and blackberry (tethered as a 3G modem) to view the cars and after the usual questions and when looking at the paper work plumbed the details needed off their V5C logbook into this website infront of them and compared the results with milage recorded to what thewy had on the ODO and what the service history said.

All three had huge mileage missing past the last MOT and one past three MOT's ago. When you pull them up on it they go red and say they were not aware!!

Yeah right. Several others too where dodgy as 1/2 of certain years had only covered a few hundred miles when the first six months they dod 10k or more.

People are just lazy and stupid most times and many many people still don't know about this digital online MOT check. Why do you think these days several ebay / Autotrader adds have the licence plate number photoshopped out? This alone is not enough, but a quick call to get a MOY number or V5C doc ref number and you can start checking out mileage history before even leaving the house.

Also is good to know that BMW, VW and Honda all keep "central" service history records, so it matters not what main dealer in the country did the work the mileage and work carried out records are all stored against the cars reg number and can be pulled up and checked at your local stealership, oftenn with just a phone call to the service dept.

You don't even have to pretend to be the owner, jaust say you are looking to buy and want to maintain the service history withg them whaen was the last major service done etc, then after that they will tell you the date, mileage and what type of service or warrenty work was carried out.

Jot this down, compare to the online MOT records and make an assessment. Best you can do i'm afreaid. Works best with 05 or 06 plate car's as they just turned 3 years old when MOT's went didgital and online so have the most of online history to compare and spot the fiddlers.


Cheers for that. I'll probably go away to check that sort of stuff and make an offer over the phone.

Any other useful non mechanical things to check?

Also, as some cars store data in their keys you can't clock them without getting new keys (apparently).

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Because then you know you definitely can upgrade any part you like. You can also get the exact spec you want. If you ever bought a PC from Dell with the intention of upgrading it later, you will see what I mean.

Me and my mates all build our own PC's as we are FPS gamers so are upgrading every few years. We always chuckle at the uneducated who buy "boxes" from PC World or Dell.

Anything over basic spec you can save at least a few hundred quid building it yourself and match or beat a consumer box spec. All PC's are hand assembled so they all have a "labour" element included in the retail price that you can save by building DIY.

Also a piss easy since 2005 onwards with plug and play WIn XP. I always thought being able to fix most things on a car and build your own PC's was part of being a proper bloke these days !!


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Just checking my car history, and it shows every single fault found in an MOT. Quick annoying when the garage throws it in for an MOT, then fixes the faults even when done with a service.

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Still not sure why anyone would build their own pc unless they are Steve Jobs

Because it takes an hour and saves you at least £500 for a decent spec.

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