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The Legend Who Is Tony Benn

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#16 oracle


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Posted 15 March 2014 - 07:16 PM

Seconded. Tony Benn as one of the key supporters of the formation of British Leyland did more than anyone else to screw up the car industry in this country. And lets not forget that this great champion of the miners closed a large number of pits while Energy Secretary. After the miners strike had ended he tried to introduce a bill to pardon all the miners arrested during the strike period, including the two charmers who dropped a concrete block onto the taxi driver, David Wilkie.

When Argentina invaded the Falklands he didn't support an invasion to get them back, but wanted the UN to deal with it. Military dictatorships aren't known for doing what the UN says...

A legend indeed.

british leyland might have worked if it wasn't so polarised between sweatshop-owning masters and commie trade unions.
a bit of sensible dialogue would have sufficed.

ie factory owner says...OK, here's the deal...we are losing market share because quite frankly our cars are getting a reputation for being unreliable and the engineering is better on the continent...I'll make you a deal.
...improve your quality/reliability and get us a 20% improvement on our present sales/profitability(with repeat business),
I'll give employees a blanket 20% profit share-not an annual pay rise..because the market can and will fluctuate..but a performance related incentive.(or you can mix and match that 20% with some better working practices...in fact if you choose that route the company will match that percentage as it will aid us as well as you.

that means if you fail, you do not get any sweeties.end of.
we work together, we will both benefit but there are no free lunches.

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you take the red pill...you stay in wonderland...and I show you how deep the Rabbit-hole goes.

#17 NaRvIcK DeViL


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Posted 21 March 2014 - 11:35 AM

:mellow: There are only 2 types of people "There are Wealth generators and Wealth owners"


#18 iamnumerate


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Posted 31 March 2014 - 09:19 AM

Commissar Benn would probably be trying to shut down the internet like he shut down pirate radio.

Very true - I hope none of his fans listen to commercial radio, if they do they are hypocrites.

I and many others do not think the benefits system should be changed because of the Daily Mail. We think it because we see the system being abused by people we know.

#19 Hail the Tripod

Hail the Tripod

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Posted 03 April 2014 - 11:43 AM

George Osborne is seemingly unable to shake off G i d e o n just because it sounds a bit posher, but Tony Benn never gets referred to as Viscount Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn. Self-righteous, over-privileged idiots the pair of them.

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i was saying to her... 'they're all crazy... 

even you... you're all crazy'...
'even me?'... she said...
i thought... oh right...
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'especially you' i said... 'you are virtually the ringleader
the way i see it'...
and then i... blew out the candle

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