Ch4 Property Pilot Needs Buyers In Essex!

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We are looking for people wanting to buy in Chelmsford, who are after a three bedroom home for up to £250,000

If you’re interested in hearing more, call us on 020 7539 2007 or you can email

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£250k? BUYERS MARKET sunshine didn't anyone tell you it isn't 2006 anymore etc...

£165k final offer take it or leave it <_<

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will you be helping peoiple do the following:

showing them how to claim for the loans the government are dishing out,

showing them how to complete a Celf Cert Mortgage form "correctly"

giving people pointers for tapping up bank of mum and dad for the £50k+ deposit they will need, and helping the parents fill in their mortgage Equity Withdrawl form, saying its for an "extension", but its not, £50k to the kid, £35 for a new BMW.

saying that asking for more than 5% off the inflated asking prices is down right discusting

showing space saving techniques, as the properties you'll show in the price bracket will be no bigger than a shoebox.

help people fill in the credit forms at places like curry's, Comet, John Lewis for the asperation electrical tat and furniture, that they dont need and is massivly over priced, and explain to them that in 3 years, whe nthe mortgage has ended, they can use the equity they have gain to pay off these loans. bear in mind the got a 100% celf cert interest only mortgage in the first place.

then the show ends, showing people how to contact the CAB and get the Bankruptcy forms, and ways to hide your assetts, so you can retain your shiny 60" plasma

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btw, did anyone saw that stupid "Secret Agent" show with Philip yesterday?

The house was priced for 115K and he was suppose to help them sell it, since it was on the market for 6-7 months.

A BTL investor showed up and suggested that he would offer 90-95K and a couple showed up and supposingly they made an offer of 116K (how stupid if they did.).

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