Norway Versus Uk?

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Round Oslo it was rather pleasant - very sheltered, so not the driving wind you get on the east coast of scotland, and when it got cold (deeply cold I may add - we had +37 and -35 degrees on our maxmin thermometer in 6 months) because there is little wind and the air is dry, you don't feel the cold so much.

And when you go out, you go out dressed for cold... not like scotland.

Long summer nights, gets darkish around 11:30pm for an hour or 2. Means you can whiz home after work, then have almost a whole day to go out in the woods/garden/boat etc.

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Stunningly beautiful place. I love the look of that road on this pic - Down the Trollstiggen.

Yeah, you should take a trip out there, that road is quite famous, but there are many other, far more interesting roads to drive round - the Eagle Road down to Geiranger for instance:,-1.20,70.0

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Have to disagree with some of the posters here. Oslo has its dark side: I've walked past druggies injecting openly there, for instance (I confess to being shocked and hurrying past). It also has its vibrant side, though your city life will be that much more limited until your Norwegian is good enough to enjoy the theatre, for instance. It wouldn't be my first choice of Norwegian city (Trondheim would, out of those I've seen) but I'd take it over London any day.

Main advantages: you're within reach of real countryside, and your rent money will get you something decent. Apart from that, the question has to be your character: whether you're up for something new, or whether you'll be forever whinging about [whatever] in the UK being better.

As for pay, I understand it's a lot flatter there than here. But you can see for yourself: Norwegians are very open about it, and there's a government website where you can see the full details of anyone's income!

Isn't Oslo and Norway supposed to have the highest numbers of smack heads in Europe ? Seems to be very open in Oslo:

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