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Mikhail Liebenstein

Newt Gingrich And Rick Perry Fail To Get On Virginia Ballot

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I hope Ron Paul does make it, even if he ends up Goldwater Mark II.

However, i think more people nowadays are aware of just how big and bad government has got compared to what it was in the 60s.

While i think Paul is the only real choice, I guess Romney is the obvious frontrunner He looks and sounds presidential, although im sure some conservatives would never vote for him purely because of the mormon thing.

Gingrich is comes across as aweak and unprincipled career politician who would probably fit in either the conservatives or Labour very well.

Perry is Bush reincarnated. I don't know what the people funding this guy are thinking.

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Paul now being described as the frontrunner in the Mail.

The rest of the MSM doesn't seem to want to report him still though, though he has now been appearing on Sky, but then with a poll saying he can't beat Obama. The MSM do seem to desperately want to downplay Ron Paul.

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