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Scarborough - Price Compression

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I've started looking at Right Move a lot recently. It's quite enlightening, even without property bee.

Although I look at a number towns, Scarborough is the most extreme.

As far as I can tell only a handful of houses transact every month.

About 70+ come onto the market - ignoring the re-listing that Property Bee flags.

The low-transaction/high number of 'motivated' sellers is giving rise to situation of nice larger houses in the nice areas (sixth form/hospital) being grouped with the not-so nice areas (Eastfields, everywhere not near the 6th form) not so big houses.

It most be brutal trying to earn a living. I guess the EAs must be earning their cash by blowing off tramps in the park. They certainly are not selling houses.

For a (rough) comparison, York has has about 4 to 5 times the population/housing as 'boro but Rightmove lists the same number of For Sales.

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