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From A Hpc Ethical Perspective Where Is The Best Place To Stick A Cash Isa

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For the next few years I am doing as my name suggests.

I have my cash ISA's with Barclays but want to move them. I would like them to reside with a mutual, building society or something of that ilk. I guess ideally I would like to find one that is investing it in the productive economy but not lending against houses and certainly not liar loans.

So... From a HPC ethical perspective where is the best place to stick a cash ISA?

Any Ideas?

Many thanks


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NS&I? All of the building societies and banks lend out mortgages on houses to a greater or lesser degree so none of them are really 'clean' in a pro-hpc way.

Maybe put some of it (not all!) into a peer-to-peer lending place like Zopa (personal loans) or Funding Circle (small/medium business). It won't be tax free but arguably you're cutting out the middleman and investing/lending money where you know roughly what it will be used for.

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