Index Of The Latest Repossessed Auction Properties

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Here is an index of the latest Repossessed Properties For Auction in the North East. Hope you find it helpful. If you like I will update this every week, let me know.

Sorry no data will be available.We have locked this page. One of our newer members Dieseldriven seems to think we have an agenda. We are not prepared to offer FREE detailed information to smart a****

Edited by marty

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Please do update Marty. I'd be interested to see what the St. Ann's Quay flat goes for. Mouseprice tells me it sold new for £205,500 (ouch!) in October 2003. I assume someone has lost their job or it's part of a BTL portfolio gone tits up.

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Will I look as smug as this chap if I sign up for your free trial......


Dear Dieseldriven,

We don't expect members on this forum to subscribe. We offer this data FREE which other sites charge for. In one case £450 per year.

Our target market are, developers, builders, landlords etc who are not normally members of HPC

The object of the exercise is to improve our search engine rating and at the same time be part of this community.

If we wanted to advertise our service to members we would have included the site header on the data pages.

Whatever you offer in life there is always someone who will find fault. A student of Freud might recognise:

"Those who have nothing to contribute to the community will be critical of those who have in order to enhance their own status. It seldom works"

We have locked the data index from the link and will not continue the service.


Edited by marty

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