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  1. Strange, that, I am too. Though I will be on holiday a week from today.
  2. We must keep the breweries going. Where would they be without religion? Christmas, Easter, Whitsun, Communion wine...
  3. Does anyone else here think people are too thin-skinned these days? Get over it.
  4. Just keep a cool head and use your common sense. (If you have one!) Edit it to say: I've noticed that the BBC are joining the fake news brigade on Facebook with some anti-Trump propaganda. Is this in their remit? Is the government pulling their strings?
  5. Anything to keep the sheeples' minds off the shit that's happening at home...
  6. No. I couldn't be bothered to read all the other one. Mods please merge.
  7. As stated. Discuss.
  8. Yes, but as usual it was after I hit 'Submit Reply'. I couldn't be arsed to edit. 😬
  9. Oh! Don't be too subtle!
  10. I'm sorry - you know, I'm a grammar Nazi too - it was the rich man who didn't know about these niceties. I now leave the omission in his memory.
  11. No. Don't worry till the systolic goes >160. When i was having a stroke it was 210/110. I survived. Have you just done some cardio exercise?
  12. It may be because of the rumbling undercurrent of what were NOT saying. It's getting louder by the minute. Explosions are imminent. (It could also be the lack of Mod intervention.)
  13. They who must be obeyed unthinkingly ever need something to take our minds off the terrorism vote goes to a UK coalition with China and the US, not sanctioned by the UN, to wipe North Korea from the face of the earth. [Best not to upset more Arab countries in case our oil dries up.