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  1. Only b. Political rivals are apt to accuse the ruling party of being elected with a different leader. They usually contend that the electorate voted for the party with the old leader, not the new.
  2. Sure. Without the predictive text. I avoid them in my car.
  3. Mylips are sealed. 🤐
  4. I hope bade then in my car. They do damage the car if you hit them...
  5. Don't be daft. Tony will continue to be Teflon till the end.
  6. Are you advocating joining the million masks march?
  7. There was a Horizon programme on this recently - The Immortalist. It's still on the iPlayer. There are various experts around the world working on preserving the consciousness. Naturally, their views differ. Following a stroke that left me with physical weakness, I'd preserve mine if it was linked to a fully-working cyber-body like a shot. In fact if such a thing existed, I'd volunteer to be a guinea pig.
  8. So true. The proliferation of minutes'/'s silence really devalues the original commemoration of those killed in battle from WW1 to the present time. We owe a debt to those; our society wouldn't be free now to ruin our country without them.
  9. It also looks like there were no fire-stops in the building, little, if any, means of escape and that the burning cladding facilitated the spread. Someone should hang for this. 😡
  10. I'm afraid I'm not convinced. Wikipedia isn't always right and contradicts itself here . I trust my memory. (And anonguest's). It was a minute - at least for the last half of the 20th Century.
  11. Recognise a narcissist before I get involved with him.
  12. I'd be interested to know what you've been doing in the 11-year hiatus Re the Mumsnet comment, I've just had to persuade my 90 year old mother to accept £150k for her house. She's moved in with my sister and her family. She wanted £160k originally, despite the EA saying it was worth £150 - £155k! but it's been on the market at £160k for months with few viewings. I think she's lucky to have had such an offer. The house needs drastic modernisation including removal of dreaded artex, new kitchen, complete redecoration and the garden needs sorting out. Phew! Offer accepted after two days of persuasive arguments.
  13. Great idea, ML. Then the self-disenfranchised young will have something concrete to moan at.
  14. I have to confess I still have a Panasonic top of the range DVD/VCR player/recorder in my study. But no VHS to play on it. 😬
  15. I'm not complaining, my family had more than its share of war dead. I'm just puzzled.