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  1. women as victims

    My view exactly. Those who put themselves up for election have to be socio/psychopaths to obtain power and self aggrandisement at the expense of the general population.
  2. women as victims

    I apologise if you felt impugned. I’m just sick and tired of the quality of the whole debate.
  3. women as victims

    What I see in all this is women victims being blamed for the crimes of men, who should learn to control themselves sexually. How many women rape men?
  4. women as victims

    I see what the problem is: misogyny.
  5. It had happened before in that café. So there’d be been a warning sign for customers. Right?
  6. Get your cards out!

    I still have the Iraqi most wanted deck...unused.
  7. Blood Red Moon

    just the peculiar storm light before we get our cars dumped with tons of sand. Like this.
  8. Blood Red Moon

    We’re all doomed! Doomed! Uh oh! Storm coming. ☔️
  9. None of your business......

    So what? Government send SAS to march them to GP at gunpoint?
  10. None of your business......

    I thought no I miss be been forced to be a forerunner of our present situation. Our courses were face to face and lasted a whole day. Consultants who thought they had more sense got their junior docs or secretaries to bleep them out after an hour. They were made to attend at a later date, signing in and out at beginning and end of the day. 🙄
  11. None of your business......

    The Daily Mash has it right.
  12. None of your business......

    When we were overhauling the ethnicities of staff the last time these were altered (early 90s), one Jewish consultant refused to answer in case of the rise of nazis in Europe meant they’d be able to access this sort of information. He saw it as a potential fast track to the gas chambers.
  13. None of your business......

    I’ve been banging on about these designations for almost 35 years. They’re not all ethnicities. Some are nationalities. The data on Indian and Pakistani was designed to find out how many doctors of those nationalities were coming in to work in the NHS. Those on Irish background were about nurses from Ireland. The whole system needs overhauling. I thought at work today that patients will have to fill in a hefty MCQ before they’re allowed to see their doc or dentist. It will necessitate felling a few forests to print the extra forms x 60 million.
  14. None of your business......

    Was that in the 1980’s with a ‘loony left’ council? I worked in SE London in the late 80’s. I had to run ‘Anti racist’ training in the NHS, due to the influence on the board of loony left councillors. Now it’s all coming home to roost. 😱
  15. None of your business......

    I can almost see the script by Phil Hammond, whom I worked with many years ago when he was a junior doc in Bristol. He has a wry insight into most aspects of the NHS.