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  1. Not a f***ing thing.
  2. Don't you meant the poor, mentally ill person suffering from care in the community gone wrong??
  3. Some years ago, when I was commuting daily to London, there was a Metro article about some analysis of tube seats. It seems they contained ruin, faeces, rat and mouse droppings and all manner of infectious matter. After that I stood on my tube trips from Waterloo to Paddington and back daily. And I never ate or drank on the tube.
  4. I hate sprouts.
  5. Delusions of adequacy.
  6. There's somebody sillier than you? I don't believe it.
  7. Always out of step, Private Pin!!
  8. Past Swindon? That's - BRISTOL. 😱😱😱
  9. Male rape is a crime that doesn't often hit the headlines. I extrapolate from that that male victims don't often report rape (as female victims didn't in decades past) and they'd be just as well protected in court under this rule as female victims.
  10. Shall I tell you? 😂
  11. I guess the ubiquity of news makes today's parents much more cautious. However, it doesn't mean that their kids are in more danger nowadays.
  12. It's much cheaper and easier to hack, Pinny.
  13. Yes. She was the one with the extra-large assets...
  14. So, because I'm not paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get me...
  15. Was it Trump who sent it???