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  1. Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2017

    I've been celebrating 🍹🍷since the news broke. Never could stand the bloke. 😬 RIP, Brucie.
  2. Strong Internal Candidate - No Interview Given

    Was that expectation on the job spec?
  3. Fiat 500 - I see them everywhere!

    Outrageous - and overpriced like BMW Minis.
  4. Strong Internal Candidate - No Interview Given

    Grit your teeth. Hear all, say nothing. Easy to say, I know, but with a promotion in view, it must be worthwhile, right? I'm currently working as an administrator with a bunch of lame brains, managed by people whose knowledge of management you could cover with a pinhead. My career, before I had a stroke, was in senior manager in HR, commuting daily to a famous London teaching hospital. There I was dealing with consultant doctors, medical schools, postgraduate deans, and attending regional HR Directors' meetings. I taught on the Consutant trainees' management courses and have a Masters in HR Management. Doing this job since 2012 because the stress of my old life would kill me. I didn't foresee how difficult and stressful it is to keep my mouth shut and watch morale take a nosedive from gutter level, when I know I could turn the whole place round in about three months, including managing the difficult personalities out of the organisation. I grit my teeth daily. 😬
  5. Strong Internal Candidate - No Interview Given

    Two points come to mind: 1. In my long HR experience, most applications arrive on the closing date or the day before it. 2. Remember that internal candidates are known and review your organisational behaviour and relationships with colleagues.
  6. Nasty new look of the forum

    This may be the final straw.
  7. Unstable USA

    The United States is as it has always been: a veneer of intelligence and land of the free (free to use firearms, mostly) hype, Underneath the veneer are the seething, unemployed, uneducated masses at the point of rioting. Anything but stable.
  8. Panorama tonight

    I stopped flying to Spain two or three times a year because of the unpleasant, drunken passengers. I get the car ferry and drive across Spain nowadays. Much more civilised.
  9. Feels like the end of the world

    Your great aunt sounds like my sort of person! Good on her.
  10. Feels like the end of the world

    Yes, thank you, Switch625. I can do it on my Apple devices, but I was at work with a steam Microsoft computer and no phone system. i know how to do it on Microsoft but life's just too short to be inserting symbols every few letters, which is why, halfway through my OU languages degree, I re-equipped with all Apple and retained my gaming laptop just in case! Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose!!!
  11. A Foot Long Sausage Roll for a Quid?

    It was sudden and unexpected. Just how I'd like to go. Just over two years ago.