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  1. I heard that our local commissioners fine the GP if their patients use the "out of hours" GP service at the hospital during GP opening hours. Apparently, and I haven't tried it yet, all you need to say to get an appointment is "well, if you can't help I'll go to the hospital".
  2. No. It takes 15 years or so to take a school-leaver and turn it into a consultant or GP.
  3. It seems his predecessor was living on food stamps in the US. Clearly poverty for Rwanda's monarchy is a way of life. At least they're not corrupt.
  4. That's true, but not how the government portray it. The lead time for a consultant (or a GP) is will be around 15 years. Can we hold on that long?
  5. Not sigmoid?
  6. No problem. Once upon a time I did manage to fix my own dishwasher but physical limitations preclude and my son is the most useless with anything but computers. I'm also impressed, BTW. 😊
  7. The IQ of the proletariat has definitely fallen.
  8. Rampant immigration isn't a problem IF the majority of immigrants are working and contributing to the public purse. If that's the case, as 'they' assure us, then government is not providing enough funding to cope with extra demand.
  9. Over 50% of medical school intake is now female. Females get to specialist training around the usual age for childbearing. Ergo, females work part time. This was foreseen, at least while I worked in Medical Education, in the early 90s, so there was plenty of time to make provision on the service side for it. Certainly, provision was made for part time specialist training. Sufficient staff for beds - two problems: paucity of suitably trained and qualified staff and lack of budget ( 30 years of doing more for less).
  10. A fascinating exposition of the NHS as it is now - pretty much at capacity. 150 new cases every DAY at St Mary's in Paddington, where I used to work. (Before I had the stroke). You can't help admiring the way they cope with the decisions that they have to make. I feel burnt out just watching this.
  11. Absolutely fine - but I have limitations due to having a stroke. I'll PM you if I need help. 😜