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  1. There's an old expression - you couldn't pay me enough.
  2. It sums up British politics and the LibDems when one of the leaders leading them into almost total extinction is now voted to be the official leader. It can only be to finish the job off. It also sums up the LibDems that such a political failure was the only possible contender for the leadership.
  3. Just about every man and his dog had had their dirty paws on that note before it was put into the food. Carney touched it and he'd just come out of the BoE - yuck.
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing the one of her in the bunker. Everything she touched turned to ***t Very very funny - some would say a real hoot. Everything she touched turned to tartan.
  5. They borrow from each other to give money to each other and when it goes wrong the taxpayer coughs up and the printers start up. As they're always first in line for the money before it gets devalued that suits them fine.
  6. Some people fold them so many times that even when opened out they'll never stay flat in a till.
  7. 18/07/2017 - Tuesday 22.49. Are they still here.
  8. Poverty being relative - definitely not in the UK in real terms and probably not in the US. I'm not sure anywhere else for that matter compared to what might have happened at any rate. I don't think you can claim capitalism for any improvements around the planet any more than you can claim socialism - a lot of it has just been distributing subsidies, tax incentives and taking on extreme levels of debt.
  9. Mind you we've had the consequences of capitalism since extreme socialism has been discredited and that's not come out of that period with any creditability at all either. Socialism and capitalism might have different dictionary definitions but their implementation in real life just seems to end up the same - catastrophe for the many. They just seem to get hi-jacked and piggy backed by whatever ism is prevalent at the time along with hefty dollops of serf serverism by the few.
  10. All that guff from his lordship was said one way or another before the UK held the vote.
  11. Up to a point and if necessary to fill immediate work voids I would have voted for a reasonable amount of the latter (a continuation of say pre 1997 levels if strictly necessary) plus some automation. If automation could do that work then that would be my preference to migrants for some considerable time now. I would never have voted for hidden unemployment, make work, mass immigration and political point scoring. Not to mention the outright crookedness and thievery by TPTB. I think the UK is well beyond the point of reasonable now and has been for some time and apart from the more dramatic risks becoming more ever apparent I think congestion is everywhere well beyond unpleasant and the impact on housing and infrastructure is also well beyond acceptable. I just wish there was a mechanism within the UK political system to reverse the policies and to penalise those self servers and traitors in charge over many years who have brought the UK to this point.
  12. I don't know exactly how they pick them like I don't know exactly how they pick them in the UK - but they do grow and produce them. They also have a significant percentage of migrant workers but I don't know how that labour is structured (in the various significant categories such as nationality, type of work and religion etc) and how accurate their migrant figures are compared to the UK which I believe to be significantly underestimated.
  13. An interesting question. Apparently they do grow strawberrys as well as lot of other things.