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  1. To save HPC computer space, avoid clutter and make it easier to read I haven't copied the text and images etc in your essays and archives in my post. I've only skimmed the content as I'm busy and it seems to repeat a lot of stuff you've already posted several times on HPC in exchanges both with myself and with numerous others. Believe me little or nothing in your current work on this thread accurately describes my stance or my opinion on UK house sizes, house prices, marketing etc - your repeated ad hominems speak volumes about yourself. You refer again to my initial post on this thread which was. My various replies to you already cover this including when I explained my initial post. I repeat my initial post was a passing remark about how tiny the average UK home is and there's nothing else to be read in it. I think it is always worth remarking how tiny UK homes are in comparison to many if not most other countries. You do say Surprised to read that I looked back on this thread again and I do question whether you've got that just a bit out of perspective and out of balance. and you say I had thought you were sincere in that January exchange when you explained your circumstances to me to justify what seemed to me to be similarly inaccurate comments on and interpretations of my posts at that time. As for your intellect ad hominem - you so perfect. I think mine is at least on a par with yours.
  2. . No it's not. Even the BIS that he is a director of has admitted as much (that it's failed) in its published papers. It admits that "unconventional monetary policy" is a failure except to line people like Draghi's pockets.
  3. I just wish I could give you an uptick on that CoN. Actually more than one. 1+ will have to do.
  4. I push back against people who misrepresent people's posts and try to attribute mistaken associations, suggestions and meanings in them that don't exist along with ad hominems etc. I also push back against tiny UK homes with associated crazy prices and those who align themselves with the lenders who feed off that.
  5. That bit is still roughly accurate though.
  6. I explained it to you.
  7. If you don't know my consistent stance on UK house prices (crazy) and UK house sizes (tiny) by now and after my many posts and a number of exchanges with yourself on the subject then I doubt you ever will. Your ad hominems speak volumes.
  8. My initial post was no such thing - don't try to attribute hidden meanings in my post that aren't there. I'm sure I don't have to remind you that you've tried to do that in the past.
  9. No I'm not saying that - nothing like anything you're surmising. You're twisting things again and making a big deal out of a passing remark about the relative sizes of US homes compared to UK homes.
  10. Even so owning a second home in the UK is still only owning about one third of a home in the US.