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  1. According to the bbc Trump is going to cooperate now in trying to identify the sources of the Manchester atrocity photos etc leaks. Staggering that in the 50s and 60s there was concern at spies giving atomic bomb and nuclear secrets to Russia and now they're in a tizzy over photos. Better be quick because give it a few years and given current political and other trends it's unlikely that the US will be able to rely on any relationship with the UK.
  2. If they're lucky and no doubt the propaganda will be strong then they might just edge it by being perceived as least weak but none of it is an endorsement for competence, strength or stability.
  3. While there were no significant further attacks the strong and stable sound bite might have convinced some but with a major atrocity like Manchester the government just looks incompetent, weak, timid and delusional with more kicking the can by throwing out sound bites like vigilance and we will win etc etc. Even tanks and soldiers on the streets won't change that because it's not solving anything.
  4. Just to say I wasn't claiming that they were happy with the boxy houses - just that if buying one they were likely happy that they weren't visibly worse off than those in the nearby almost identical boxy development. Indeed the example didn't even include the lip sticking of stuff like a flimsy porch. For sure you would want to escape at every opportunity.
  5. Ever get the feeling they just write down a few policy ideas, throw them in a barrel and do a lucky dip.
  6. At the very least there should be some form of cap to prevent the consequences of rogue care homes just charging what they like. I guess in that connection if care costs have become such an issue there's a case for some legislation regarding escalating charges but the Conservatives are unlikely to ever do anything like that.
  7. ^ Conservatives SAY they believe that but people will have to wait a long long time for them to actually do it. They're unmitigated time wasters just like the other lots. Amazing that there's still any "relaxation" still to push through - lately they've all seemed to be scraping the bottom of the barrel on relaxation. For sure though they'll find more ways to wreck and ruin and to spend other people's money to no real apparent advantage for the country.
  8. My highlight. I think part of that problem is that these days the population doesn't have many good modern examples to compare with. The new builds these days are pretty much all plain boxes maybe with different coloured brickwork. So the population just accepts as they have no choice in the matter and I guess in the main they're happy that they're not visibly worse off than the people in the new boxes in the next door development. In the 1980s there was a drive to improve new house appearance and for a while it had some success (I believe planning authorities had a guiding role to play where it was a success) but that seems to have well reverted now. Mind you by any measure the example posted earlier in this thread is exceptional.
  9. Just for the record Hammond said options for future funding "do not include, and never have included, a Death Tax." Apparently it's all in the terminology.
  10. I guess it's yet another incentive to keep house prices at crazy levels. How could they fund stuff otherwise, if there is a property crash A dementia tax to fund demented government.
  11. ^ bbc link Even for a single child on average it still wouldn't fund purchase of an average UK house, just a deposit - even more so after QEeney Carney got to work.
  12. My highlight. They might well be anticipating using this tax to fund bank bail outs in 2017-18.
  13. ^ bbc link He's clearly well out of the loop. No point in interviewing him.
  14. . Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, told the London Evening Standard: “We want to make sure that people who have worked hard and saved up all their lifetimes, do not have to worry about losing all their assets through a disease as random as dementia. “That’s why we want to introduce and absolute limit on the amount of money anyone has to pay for their care.” It comes after Boris Johnson suggested the controversial plans to force pensioners to contribute to the costs of their care could be watered down. Apparently a Green Paper is only a consultation document so likely just advisory. It might well be that they intend to accept the advice but taking the word of some politicians bent on garnering votes for a general election seems a bit risky when considering casting your vote. It doesn't sound as if the manifesto is going to be amended to take into account the tax "U-turn" - not that manifestos have any legal standing in any event. The announcement has all the makings of a desperate pre-election con to try to salvage vote losses due to an apparently unpopular policy.