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  1. ^ From thesaker link It's also quite likely that not only does he care for the USA but he does have a similar feeling for US workers.
  2. Indeed they have a cushy well paid job where incompetents and self servers thrive at everyone else's expense. Even their most crazy explanations get treated by other bankers, by some politicians and in most of the MSM etc as high wisdom. Yet the failure is plain to see from the British economy - and all problems being solved by abnormal and outlandish interest rates, brushing off responsibility, yet more debt, QE, more boosts to house prices, bailouts, not spotting banking fraud, yet more ponzi and by statistical manipulation and suchlike. If the BoE not always directly involved then associated with it. There was little opposition to the BoE officially taking over the responsibility in 1997 (then it was nothing could be worse than the Chancellors - but little did people know and at least with the Chancellors people had a vote) but it's been clear for years now that they're not up to the task and they've just used the opportunity to line their own pockets. In handing them the responsibility Britain was done a huge disservice - a disservice only matched by the level of incompetence and self serving of British politicians in supervising and monitoring the BoE's operations and outcomes.
  3. From the list it's pretty much everyone. It sounds like they're trying a bit of marriage division and creating suspicion within readers' marriages just for the sake of it.
  4. ^ Youtube - CHECK<POINT At about 5.26 minutes. "We are there to hold him as a politician just like any other politician to account and we do it fairly and we do it impartially and we do it reasonably.............." ================================= Maybe he just can't see how different the bbc's treatment is between those on the crony list who follow the common agenda - and those not on it. Typically the cronies getting free passage in interviews to platform and to make any sort of claim without being seriously picked up on it - while the rest get to be really forced to jump through the interviewers' hoops. To be realistic they seem to know exactly what they're doing with their bias.
  5. That's probably the reason although the cycleway is a good wide one, safely fenced off from the road and a long one maybe a mile or so long just recently installed along with major road and junction reconstruction and "improvements" (needed due to increasing congestion on a very busy road/junction) all costing a fortune and with plenty of opportunities to get onto the cycleway along that stretch. One or two of those types of incidents is pretty much nothing of course but they do often seem to be a a bit of a law unto themselves.
  6. The bit in question has just been quite recently done on a reasonably wide and straight road with a low speed limit. I dare say they still didn't think it was adequate and if I was cycling along there I might agree with them - why take the risk - but it seems a waste of money and then pedestrians are still being effected. Maybe the idea is that at least some will use it. I can quite believe some of it is some councils trying to cover themselves from criticism. I'm not saying it's ideal or any of it is ideal as it's clearly not given the general congestion - but some cyclists do use it - but evidently not others. Why the other cyclists weren't using the freshly laid, decent and protected by railings cycleway rather than being on the busy main road is anyone's guess. I'd been reading this HPC thread that day and thought it a bit of a coincidence and thought it worth a mention if only for amusement's sake on a serious issue of safety for all concerned - cyclists, pedestrians and motorists et al.
  7. When increasing the rental stock (BtL) was first being discussed in the media (late 80s/90s) it was being justified as being needed to help with labour mobility. They said that people couldn't get satisfactory temporary accommodation if having to work outside of their normal town/city of living. They'd got the temporary contracts (rather than full time working) and now they needed the temporary accommodation. At the time most people would think that they were referring to UK people moving around to find work within the UK as that's what they were led to believe in the various articles ("enterprise economy"). Few would realise that it might also be about accommodating mass movements within the eu (or from elsewhere) as that was never mentioned. It was interesting to observe when NuLabour got in power the high proportion of flats being built in many areas rather than family homes which was a bit of a change from the past. At the time why was a bit of a puzzle.
  8. The other day - one moment cyclists on the narrow footpath when there's a well defined cycling lane on the road - and then further on cyclists on the road (a dual carriageway) when there's a defined cycling lane on the footpath. Spend as much money as you like on making cycling provision. Not all but a lot of the eccentric cycling behaviour seems to be caused by the congestion all over the place - both road traffic and pedestrian. Congestion that gets worse by the day.
  9. . That's the stuff that helped to get him voted in. Trump's stance - not particularly the reporting. His conference statements were pretty impressive in that they appeared to be very genuine. It's early days in his presidency of course. Keep it up - I suspect he will.
  10. and the tiniest in europe - and going to get even tinier. Likely the most expensive as well (apart from Monaco).
  11. ^ Sky link Fine words. If only he hadn't lied so blatantly and repeatedly as an unmitigated liar when in power then he might be more believable now - especially on the issue of immigration numbers about which he and his pals lied about and played down year after year after year.
  12. Fair enough although there are a lot that are right next to the road which used to be wholly pedestrian and are now half and half - or they just ride on the pedestrian footpath next to the road - in the pitch black.
  13. For sure it's a con, a fraud, a scam - whatever anyone cares to call it along those lines - and they're all in it including the fake and false MSM etc. Keep voting for the no hopers (so called once upon a time) such as UKIP, Brexit, Trump and the SNP etc. It puts the cat among the pigeons. The cat might well turn out to be a pigeon but at least there's some entertainment in it. Imagine things without them already with Cameron and so on still going on and on spinning more blatant lies and continuing to con people rotten with his own particular types of con along with Osborne's.
  14. Even on the cycle path if they're on the nearside path in the pitch dark cycling in the opposite direction to the cars a full beam light up high on the top of the helmet can create a "What on earth" moment.