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  1. Then there's the issue of riding on busy footpaths (officially an offence which never seems to be applied) and recently I saw a cyclist riding inside the busy entrance/exit area to a supermarket - presumably the cyclist couldn't wait to wheel it outside. Admittedly that's a bit off topic.
  2. The official/highway code rule seems to be it's ok to ride two abreast when it's not busy/nobody is trying to overtake but when it's busy which could imply there's a possible overtaker then to ride in single file (unless it's a wide enough road to still allow say the one car width space for overtaking cyclists guidance taking into account possible oncoming traffic). That and be considerate to other road users - so cyclists should anticipate that faster vehicles behind are likely anticipating overtaking at some safe point. For the cyclists' own safety as much as anything else. My highlights.
  3. According to official statistics. So add maybe another 10 million or so on top of that for real unemployment. Just put it under different official descriptions. The official unemployment figure is a distraction.
  4. Will the amount of credit available for London buyers reduce/stay the same/increase. Will overseas cash buyers be deterred/be unaffected/be encouraged. The tax haven idea could have an impact including on Hammond's (and the others) property portfolio.
  5. Theresa May's Brexit speech in full ( Speech by Theresa May, Lancaster House, 17 January 2017) . . David Davis (to Parliament) on May's Brexit Speech 17th January 2017.
  6. Then there are the theories like in the link below I guess if that's a possible plan then the puppeteers might well arrange it so that with the unpopular establishment apparently against it (it - typically symbolised by the Trump/Putin friendship) the merger plan is sort of helped along on the stealth. Afterwards the already weakened eu/europe to be absorbed - that is if the eu still exists as an entity by then.
  7. ^ As if he's ever been able to give any worthwhile Forward Guidance never mind estimate what the consequences of any of his irresponsible interest rate (and money printing) decisions might be on employment with anything resembling precision. At best he's just kicking the can (in a coarse and already discredited way) which damages Britain's real economy - and then he's hoping for the best - and also hoping that he never gets asked any difficult questions.
  8. Another link on the shared intelligence issue It's very much along the same lines that they used about Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his kitchen cabinet.
  9. This afternoon on bbc radio news the latest one was some female claiming that with Trump it's like he's got a grenade with the safety trigger pulled out (in other words sort of unpredictable) yet all along he's been pretty straightforward and clear about his intentions no matter how unpopular they are with the bbc. They must have an entire department thinking up stuff like that.
  10. ^ Then very soon afterwards The Mutt and Jeff act. A form of intentional double bind. The pass the buck economy.
  11. Mind you some companies think that after you've done your 60 hours working in the office then you can spend the rest of the week working from home.
  12. Control and status. If the whole office including controllers work from home then to some extent those in control lose the symbols of being in control. They are home workers with a fancier title - no overt signs like being in the penthouse, having heavy pile carpets, expensive wallpaper, mahogany desks and a secretary or two for everybody to see. For the empire builder it's likely ideal to be able to say those in an office building or those occupying a floor of a building etc are part of their empire. Not only that but managing the office is part of the controller's responsibility (including controlling office moves etc) so home working reduces their visible importance that way as well. Then the impact of hiring and firing (being a control issue) is more evident in an office environment - for those that take a pour encourager les autres attitude..
  13. How is saying that any different to what they were saying just before the 1997 general election when NuLabour got in and then made things even worse - or for that matter what they have said when any Tory government has been in power with Labour in opposition going back decades since records began. Now nearly 20 years on after the 1997 general election up he comes with it yet again.
  14. ^ There are likely tens of thousands of those "running" things who should also apologise - that is if not be booted out.
  15. ^ "He said that while there were ways to improve interfaith relations.." ---------- More detail would have been helpful. Are there any examples that have worked when and where they were needed to work?