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  1. HPI led degentrification

    Thanks for posting . You don't often see this reported (yet!) I know this part of Croydon, the Broad Green area has never been gentrified but it seems that people, like this journalist, have bought in the area on the premise that it would! Presumably based on a lot of EA guff about how the arrival of the Overground and a future shopping mall would bring in a richer demographic lol....If anything its the opposite. Due to Central London HPI, lack of council housing in the inner boroughs, social dumping by wealthier London councils, HMO's, illegal immigration etc Croydon and the outer boroughs is where the poor are ending up. Not that the North Side of Croydon was ever a leafy suburb but it can only get worse as most of London's predicted population increase is planned to happen in the outer zone boroughs with more densification promised. So the journalist does have a point in that it has all the hallmarks of becoming a future slum....
  2. Yes very odd, yet obvious to any Londoner. Here is what they do in Denmark Requirements for non-Danish citizens However, there are certain requirements for non-Danish citizens when it comes to buying property: Unless you have lived in Denmark for a period of at least 5 years, you must obtain permission from the Danish Ministry of Justice (Justitsministeriet) to buy property. However, this restriction does not apply if you are an EU-citizen, and if the property is to be used as a permanent residence. This also applies to citizens from countries that are included in the European Economic Cooperation (EEA). Go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's website to see the regulations. In any case it is a good idea to contact The Ministry of Justice if you wish to buy property. If Denmark can do this within the EU then there is no reason why we cannot do similar in the UK.
  3. This spooked the elderly neighbours where I live....Probably cost the Tories a few percentage points and seats like Eastbourne...
  4. Is Everyone Flying ?

    Both India and Japan share an enemy that threatens them both.... India gets better technical know-how plus all the income receipts sent back, Japan gets another ally in the region....
  5. End of the urban revival

    I think in London we are some where between "Those who manned the art scene and the kooky shops move out as they cannot afford it" and "only really poor immigrants can afford to work there along with the super rich." Anecdotally, a lot of the arty creative types (at least they think they are lol) I know have left London recently for cheaper North Kent coast (Whitstable, Herne Bay, Margate) or down to the South Coast....
  6. Is Everyone Flying ?

    And yet, so far, the population of the GLA area is still increasing, roughly 100,,000 increase per sign of any decline in numbers
  7. End of the urban revival

    If London is no longer calling to the faraway towns, then who is London for, and what does it mean for our capital? Its for those from Bologna, Bilbao, Bescancon and Braga.....(note no German towns included here lol).... it means an even more transient soul less place.... London is becoming a commuting city It always has been a commuting city.... no doubt in 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997 etc. 790,000 people a day commuted across the GLA boundary and 18% of all jobs were done by people living outside the capital. Without the people commuting in from Essex, Surrey & Kent everyday the economy of the City would collapse. The 9% increase merely reflects the 9% increase in population since 2001. In fact its probably lower... London is becoming older This is also untrue the demographics of London are far younger than surrounding regions even with the families with young kids moving out. London is becoming less productive This may be true but Evening Standard propaganda is always telling us how productive London is in comparison to other UK regions...
  8. Conservative HQ have read the runes and it isn't pretty for them... They are in survival mode... (should of seen this coming 10 years ago) Was a report in the Evening Standard (Osborne's propaganda sheet) that the Tories face wipe-out in Greater London, even in the leafier outer-suburbs, as more and more property goes from owner-occupier to BTL... private renting 60% of households by 2025?!? think the next budget will be hugely important. Do they roll back on the BTL tax changes Osborne introduced or do they expand on them with more taxes on landlords, stop non-residents from acquiring property etc.....

    Could they join the EEA or EFTA?
  10. Beautiful Female Vocalists

    How about Francoise Hardy ih her 1960's prime

    Looks like Merkel is going to need a 'Grand Coalition' or a CDU/CSU/Green/FDP as the CDU/CSU trending slightly down, ..... AFD getting near 10% and likely to be the opposition if there is a Grand Coalition.. will be interesting to see how German democracy handles that one ! Current polling trends 07.09.2017 CDU/CSU 37.2% SPD 23.5% Left 9.2% Green 7.3% FDP 8.5% AfD 9.5% Pirate - Other 4.7%
  12. I think the election result was a bit of a shock for TPTB the 'useful idiots' didn't entirely play their game..... Corbyn was nearly that 'special person' (though I didn't vote for him)..... The Barclay Brothers and the like sense a weakened Chancellor who can be 'influenced' to protect their property assets ... The next budget will be interesting...will Hammond continue to support prices or let it gently deflate...
  13. +1....In our household he is just seen as being very CREEPY... Its is interesting to watch how the Conservative media and their paymasters are playing this one, It does look like an attempt to set him up as a stalking horse for Teresa May....
  14. All part of a coordinated campaign by the Telegraph and their backers to influence the upcoming November budget...... cut stamp duty for the asset rich, roll back on some of the BTL tax changes Osborne introduced.....
  15. 'unprecedented' uncertainty

    Certainly since the election. Presumably the Tories have done some analysis (I guess they must do some !?!) of the election results and why they did SO badly with the under 40 demographic in England must lead them to the conclusion that the price of housing (OO and rented) needs to fall relative to income... Better to get it out the way at the start of the parliamentary term rather than later .... if they manage to last that long.