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  1. Shoulda rented....

    More's the pity!!! 😂
  2. Carillion in Crisis

    I believe that even if Brown (or whoever was PM at the time) had wanted to let RBS go bust, they wouldn't have been allowed to make that decision. Too many vested interests within the elites and money men. The threat of being killed or your close family being killed narrows the mind......
  3. Martin Lewis says interests will rise

    Brilliant. 😂😂😂
  4. I love this thread. I travelled to London last night. Took the Heathrow Express as I had return ticket. No ticket collector. Can use it again on Thursday when I leave. Saving about £15.
  5. French Property

    Thanks for your insight Phillip. Very well explained as usual! As you say, it will be interesting to see where LREM party and Macron tax to make up the taxe d'habitation shortfall. I suspect it won't be the Qatari business interests in France....
  6. Halifax Aug '17 - Up By Another 1.1%

    Personally, I have still a lot of family in the UK and advise them from time to time. This site is the best place for info and the posters are a great bunch of people. Nowhere else like it. And it's not only for HPC info....have you visited the Off-Topic forum yet? 😀 ..and there's a forum for French property on HPC if you look hard enough. Btw...what's your reason for being here?
  7. Halifax Aug '17 - Up By Another 1.1%

    Could be planning to live in the 6 Counties where prices crashed up to 50%, using the Irish passport to travel easily over the border after the barriers go up post Brexit. Good strategy. 👍
  8. Stubborn Sods

    As I've posted on here many times throughout the years, that was my strategy when I bought in the late 90s in France during their last major HPC. As long as you are patient, you'll save tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds/euros etc. In my case, the seller of a place I'd offered on 6 months earlier called me a week after I'd signed for another house. Offered me at less than my initial offer......she was a forced seller moving away for work reasons. Wife and I now looking to move maybe in 2019/ will start pushing the "fair price offers" in about 12months time to see where it gets us. 😉
  9. Halifax Aug '17 - Up By Another 1.1%

    😂😂 Fair call. You'll find the French less obsessed with house prices. Well those outside of Paris anyway. Not the no.1 subject of conversation at dinner parties...... France is well into it's HPC. Hopefully another leg down this month after Macron's govt publish their housing reforms bill....expecting BTL type props and subsidies to be removed/reduced. (I posted Le Figaro link in the French overseas section of HPC this morning ).
  10. Post Your Favourite Charts Here

    With Canada raising, looks like others will soon follow...theirs and the US lead. The only way is the song said. 😊
  11. Halifax Aug '17 - Up By Another 1.1%

    Welcome to La Belle France. If I may ask, which town/region are you moving to?
  12. Halifax Aug '17 - Up By Another 1.1%

    Hopefully not! We do have broadband here in France....even those of us living outside the Paris region. Unbelievable, eh?? 😁😁
  13. Stubborn Sods

    If you are a buyer and fancy one of the houses, send him an offer that's 50% off the asking price. It will be rejected of course. But you'll be contacted in 12-18 months time ....begging you to take it at your price hopefully.
  14. French Property

    Looking at media speculation the last few days re housing reforms. Possibly reducing aid, subsidies for the private sectors including the BTL brigade here in France. Idea is to push investment monies to more productive areas of the economy and also reduce rents. Not before time imo.
  15. Read some of those comments. The fear is palpable. Crash is mainstream. All that's required is no govt intervention, let the market correct.