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  1. A thanks to the mods

    See the light Bossy. There is a place. You will be welcome. Brilliant I can even swear.
  2. I quite ladies' feet, but blokes' feet are horrible.
  3. Pension ages going up again

    Sweety! Don't we know it? I lost a very nice mate to a brain tumour, and last year I lost a very good lady friend to pancreatic cancer. The funeral was wonderful BTW. Then I had to hug a giant bearded biker who was her partner!
  4. Pension ages going up again

    I am very disappointed with getting too old. I still play guitar and want a faster car. A few years ago I was getting on helicopters.
  5. There's one for me Xmas shopping list!
  6. B+E Driving/Trailer Test

    That's perfectly normal then.
  7. B+E Driving/Trailer Test

    Are you pouring lager on your waffles in the picture?
  8. Buying stuff from forum adverts

    The content IMHO is fine, and without us there woudn't be any.
  9. Pension ages going up again

    Shit Miss EE is nearly as ancient as I am,
  10. Scotland part 2: Fort William

    Jimmy Saville's old cottage? Eurgh!
  11. Elp! Motor Insurance Help Required

    I have a Korean washing machine! It plays a tune when it has finished!
  12. Elp! Motor Insurance Help Required

    Those Korean cars are far better than they used to be. Not exciting, but they still seem to keep going!
  13. Elp! Motor Insurance Help Required

    Indeed! As was the A4LD transmission in my Granada. It just popped going round the M25
  14. Elp! Motor Insurance Help Required

    Ain't that right sir? They used to be top notch, not now! Nothing wrong with Ford BTW.
  15. B+E Driving/Trailer Test

    I got my driving licence in the late 70s, and I am allowed a 7 tonne van. I've only hired one twice, but judging by the dents in it, some people are not good at this.