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  1. Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    Slowdown in London recruitment according to the FT. "Growth in permanent placements slowed almost to a standstill in London. Recruitment agency billings for temporary staff, in contrast, increased in all regions of the UK."
  2. DT reporting on land barons - Connections to Dave!

    Being in the DT I thought it would have more of an anti-development angle aimed at their NIMBY readers, but it doesn't. It is in the business section rather than the general news section. The angle seems to be more anti-speculation than anti-development. It's an instructive read. Interesting to know there's a load of land out there with planning permission all ready to go. It's just only slowly being turned into new housing under the current system due to the lack of capacity in the housebuilding industry.
  3. DT reporting on land barons - Connections to Dave!

    Interesting that Gallagher sold up recently (article has more detail on this). Did he think land market had topped?
  4. Why I'm Getting Out Of Buy-To-Let

    You'd imagine she's exchanged contracts at least
  5. Why I'm Getting Out Of Buy-To-Let

    "Whatever we net will go partly to reduce the mortgage on our own house" Deflationary? Though depends how much money the buyer has borrowed into existence ...
  6. Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    I don't think pure kite flyers reduce that hard, so I would go for one along the spectrum of seller - serious but deluded. Even after the reductions they're looking for triple the price they bought it for if you include stamp duty costs. Guessing that they arrived at that price by adding 100% for HPI since 2010 and another 100% for the extension which I'm guessing is their work. Nice extension, but the front two-thirds of the flat still lacks windows and looks dark. Also, the garden isn't private - it's split in two with the rear section belonging to the upstairs flat. Wonder how much it would cost to buy a different garden flat on that road and add a similar extension?
  7. June prices paid data

  8. Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    Good spot. Worth mentioning that inventory around that area is climbing. I've being pulling numbers off Rightmove since early 2016 and haven't seen this many properties for sale before. Nothing seismic, and the total's only just above where it was this time last year, but it's been building up since early March.
  9. This one was in last month's Barnard Marcus auction I think - lot S3 It didn't sell. They wanted £975,000, the highest bid was £912,000.
  10. Lot 2 has come down a bit in guide price after not selling last month. Rectory Grove in Clapham. Last time round a £360,000 bid wasn't enough for them but £375,000 was, now they've given it a guide of £340,000 Plus.
  11. Halifax June 17: MINUS 1%

    Was it Dr Bubb? Remember him using it a lot in 2007/8. No trace of him recently.
  12. Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    Oof, it's looking ugly for Team @Frizzers with a studs-up move today from Team @SOLZHENITSYN. Gaywood Street, having until now been content to match Gladstone Street on price, has just undercut it by £25,000. Gladstone had sped up the tempo with a £1,250,000 > £1,175,000 > £1,125,000 move in June after taking the field in March. But Gaywood is mounting a breakaway with a swift £1,250,000 > £1,175,000 > £1,100,000 combo after joining the game in May.
  13. Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

    They have a pre-agreed credit facility they can draw on, at ultra-low interest rates thanks to the BoE.
  14. Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    Down to £1,125,000 as of yesterday Frizzers. So to recap: listed on 24 March at £1,250,000 ... reduced on 5 June to £1,175,000 ... reduced on 26 June to £1,125,000