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  1. Should be called the 'estate agent desperation to get instructions in a slow market' index
  2. £40,000 bed in a shed!

  3. Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

    Anyone have any expertise/opinion on how easy/expensive it would be for Foxtons to slim down a few of its branches? Not in terms of people, but of office space.
  4. Updating Bankside's post with the last two results: Date / number of lots offered / percentage sold / proceeds Tuesday, 10 October 2017 287 67% £23,112,800 Monday, 11 September 2017 152 64% £23,053,300 Tuesday, 25 July 2017 200 61% £20,506,500 Tuesday, 20 June 2017 212 69% £28,889,350 Tuesday, 16 May 2017 218 73% £25,716,500 Monday, 10 April 2017 200 74% £29,129,700 Monday, 13 March 2017 198 75% £21,043,250
  5. Is Everyone Flying ?

    This flight thing, any chance it's linked to the increasing awareness of how bad pollution in London is for kids?
  6. Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

    Lol Foxtons touched 70p today then ended the day lower than yesterday's close
  7. Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

    Maybe more to do with traders short covering?
  8. Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    Check out the big loss on this luxury newbuild (data taken from, which was built by @evictee) It doesn't look like a big loss but you have to take into account the stamp duty due in 2015 of £107,550. We don't know who paid that and we don't know who paid the stamp duty due on the 2017 transaction, but here's a stab at calculating the loss in some of the possible scenarios of who paid what: 1) 2015 buyer paid the stamp duty in 2015 but did not have to make any contribution to their buyer's stamp duty in 2017. Loss of £100,000. 2) 2015 buyer paid the stamp duty in 2015 and when they sold in 2017 they paid a quarter of the buyer's stamp duty. Loss of £126,877. 3) 2015 buyer paid no stamp duty in 2015 because they got a good deal from the developer and did not have to make any contribution to their buyer's stamp duty in 2017. Gain of £8,000. If you want to add in the possibly of more losses if the seller is an overseas investor, consider that the pound fell roughly 15% against the dollar in between the two transaction dates.
  9. Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

    Foxtons up 5% today to 69p, not clear why.
  10. Countdown to leveraged BTL going bust thread

    JJ - I would wait to see the detail on the stuff announced at the Tory conference, but as well as the extension on HTB there was some stuff announced by Sajid Javid on better rights for renters. Two aspects taken from The Sun's write-up below, don't think either have been given likely intro timescales yet: all landlords will have to become members of a redress scheme – to give tenants “quick and easy” access to essential repairs the Government will require all letting agents to be regulated and look at giving tenants a “Housing Court” to take on rogue landlords Have you got the possible November base rate rise in there as well?
  11. are we sure that rate rise is cancelled?
  12. Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    Labour pretty much have the Tories where they want them. I suspect they put HTB in their manifesto to outflank the Tories and trick them into extending HTB, making them look to younger people like they're working in the housebuilders' interests. Labour also know they just need to wait and sooner or later the London housing market will go off the edge, losing the Tories a lot of votes. They can blame a crash on seven years of Tory decisions. And if the Tories try to bail out the market Labour can scream that it's another bail out for bankers. This is of course rather cynical, which is why the biggest chance of Labour missing the open goal in front of them is that they push to hard and voters start to believe the party would be happy to see the economy crash to get into power. That's why the Tories are jumping up and down about the danger of Corbyn and stuff like Labour wargaming a run on the pound.
  13. Help to "Buy" (Sell) to be pumped up

    In Berkeley Homes' defence Help to Buy accounts for a much smaller percentage of their sales than it does for the other major house builders. Not because they're somehow more moral, but because they were clever enough and lucky enough to buy central London land in the downturn and bet big on interest from global investors in the rebound. They just don't play in the HTB league. But maybe they will change that stance in future given the decline of the London and SE market.
  14. Guardian: London House Prices Down

    Usual shoddy journalism from the Mail. Headline mentions 50% discounts, the closest the actual copy comes to that figure is 30%. Lovely bear food though.
  15. Foxtons Share Price And The Housing Market - Merged

    If Countrywide goes under, should help Foxtons