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  1. And this is the kind of deluded complacency that gave us Brexit...
  2. Freedom of movement has been there from the beginning.
  3. Yes, and it will be the No Deal loonies who take the Soft Deal option off the table!
  4. Could the MayBoy actually be a political genius who is playing all sides off against each other?
  5. And yet you have to deal with the fact that most immigration has come from outside the EU...
  6. Didn't you mention the Polish food in Tesco? That would have been a deal clincher...
  7. The UK has already agreed that until Northern Ireland is sorted, we will stay de facto in the single market and customs union. Therefore what's to negotiate? Unless you can get the DUP to accept special status, or even a united Ireland, there can be no FTA with the EU since that means a customs border.
  8. Why does the EU need a trade deal with us? They can offer us a transition to nowhere, and we have nowhere to go.
  9. The Conservatives were part of the EPP until Cameron pulled out. An early move that alienated mainstream conservatives across Europe.
  10. It's not rubbish at all. "Until now, the City has benefited disproportionately from the EU single market. London achieved its current dominant position in international finance in three phases: a head start in the 1970s with the development of international currency markets; a sharpened competitive edge in the 1980s thanks to the de-regulatory “big bang” of the Thatcher era; and in the 1990s and 2000s, a centralisation of most of Europe’s wholesale financial activity thanks to the aggressive dismantling of national barriers by EU legislation on investment services, financial instruments, fund management, accounting standards, market infrastructure, and much more. Crucially, the structure of the EU single market allowed non-EU financial firms, including financial behemoths in the United States, to conduct most or all of their European business from a single location—London—allowing for significant cost savings. On most measures of wholesale financial activity, London’s share of the EU financial market rose sharply after the early 1990s, typically to three-quarters or more, while the other contenders such as Frankfurt or Milan or Paris all shrank to single-digit percentages.."
  11. The general point should be obvious.
  12. CCP clearing, for example. London had a head start because of the factors you mention which is why the development of the single market allowed it to be the de facto centre rather than somewhere else.
  13. The line is the line of the internal market. We are part of a European single market, therefore every citizen should have the right to take up a job anywhere in that market. For example, because of the single market, many financial services are centred in London. European citizens need the right to work there, otherwise it would be an unfair restriction. Simples.