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  1. And make it work as efficiently as the US-Canada border, for example?
  2. So your answer to the first part is that MiFID has nothing to do with politics?
  3. Do you think something like MiFID is not political? When it comes down to it I think where you’re mistaken is in thinking that economics and politics are separate things.
  4. I was talking about the EEA specifically but nevertheless it looks like my timeline was slightly wrong.
  5. The EEA only came into existence after the second referendum against joining the EU. It's not horrendously awful if you are willing to accept political integration without co-determination. For Norway this is true because the benefits of a stable, rules-based continent for a liberal, open economy are worth it even if they have no say in forming those rules.
  6. Foolish if not stupid. Read what the Norwegians themselves say about it.
  7. It seems to me that some people are pre-programmed to see the world as a conspiracy against them, and the EU is just playing the role people used to assign to the masons or the Jews.
  8. Why does the EU symbolise all of that in your view? Objectively speaking it's crazy so I'm just interested to understand where it's coming from.
  9. In summary you think the solution to protect us from alien cultures is to destroy our own political institutions?
  10. The really crazy thing is that what most of these people want, if they could express it that way, is a more European Britain (i.e. more white and less multicultural). Leaving the European Union in order to become Global Britain is the exact opposite of that.
  12. "You can't go wrong with rubble and slaughter."