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  1. Gives a whole new meaning to going cap in hand...
  2. Never cross a pelican.
  3. That's for adding a quote which clearly shows that Babis is the Walter Mitty of the Czech Republic.
  4. Yes, what we're witnessing with Brexit and the remaining anti-EU movements are the death throes of Euroscepticism.
  5. Why do you think that noble intentions and carrying a big stick are mutually exclusive?
  6. 'Friends'? Only children talks about international relations in that way. We're not doing our 'friends' any favours by leaving the EU instead of using our influence to get a much more valuable trade deal for them with the entire EU. Perhaps we don't really care about them at all.
  7. Well really free movement was the norm for most of history until the period around the wars. Before the First World War you didn't need a passport to travel around Europe. EU FoM is just a reversion to that.
  8. In practice it doesn't make any difference. If someone can physically enter the country (which they will be able to as we're not going to make people apply for tourist visas) then there's nothing to stop them working illegally or doing whatever they do.
  9. Analysis of the statements made by Brexiteers.
  10. Germany has a federal government, not a single government, as does the US, Australia, Canada, and many other successful places. It seems to be only the British who do not understand the concept. Things need to be dealt with at the appropriate level.
  11. Err? You seem to be engaged in a very strange form of projection.
  12. We are part of the continent of Europe. European politics has always been part of our lives. Failures in European politics have had a catastrophic impact on us. We have an interest in contributing to stable European political institutions and playing our part in ensuring a rules-based, constitutional order is maintained.
  13. I don't agree that losing opt-outs would put us in a worse position. It would put us in a position at the top table. Germany doesn't have any opt-outs and does anyone really think they are suffering because of it?
  14. The upside is that no-one will ever say things would be better if we left the EU again.