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  1. Did you not notice the global financial crisis ten years ago? Do you think the EU is also to blame for the election of Trump?
  2. Which one of Austria's borders do they want to close? The one with Germany? With Italy? With Switzerland? With the Czech Republic? With Slovenia? With Slovakia? With Hungary?
  3. I think it was John Redwood, not Jeremy Hunt.
  4. Which is completely nuts as it was Macmillan who first applied and it was voted on in successively parliaments under different governments.
  6. We want to leave the customs union but don't want to bring back any customs borders. It's not the EU punishing us or being intransigent that is the problem. It's Brexit fantasy colliding with Brexit reality.
  7. Heath said it was about leaving behind the nation state for a new form of organisation. The people voted for it overwhelmingly. Anyone trying to construct a different narrative is just a cheap propagandist.
  8. So you're saying the British people were thick and ignorant?
  9. And on the same day, Damian Green says that it would have been better if Remain had won. Brexit is on its last legs.
  10. Why do you think so? Is the UK government that incompetent?
  11. We had a very long transitionary period when we joined. It wasn't shock therapy.
  12. Compare their economic performance with Belarus and Ukraine and you have your answer.
  13. Even if you consider this an issue, just look at economic growth rates in the east and you'll see that it will soon balance out.
  14. It works fine within the EU as well. And it's not all rosy down under. Maori gangs are rated as one of the most serious crime issues in Sydney.
  15. They have free movement with each other.