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  1. The English Brexit electorate are spoilt and narcissistic. Look at the demographic who voted for it - they're certainly not people overburdened with problems.
  2. The fact that you perceive it that way says more about you than anything else. To someone living in a border community in Northern Ireland, the EU means a common political framework across the island and some semblance of peace and stability.
  3. I suggest Brexiteers watch this:
  4. The Welsh were part of the 'little' state called England (before it was united with the rest of the British Isles or built an empire). Saying that the Welsh can be little Englanders too is not to cast aspersions on Welsh identity.
  5. Wales was part of the Kingdom of England for hundreds of years so the 'Little Englander' epithet applies perfectly well to them.
  6. You think Brexit will get rid of the EU? That's probably the most foolish statement you've ever made on this thread.
  7. And the EU migrants who pay many multiples of the amount of tax you do? Are you not counting them, or do you think they'd come here anyway, no matter how unwelcoming and insular we became?
  8. What is altruistic about our membership of the EU? You must be wilfully blind not to see how much it benefits us.
  9. I passed a restaurant the other day just for Greeks. They even put 'Greek restaurant' on the outside just to rub our noses in it.
  10. Do you think Americans understand our form of democracy?
  11. Brexit is the biggest waste of time that's ever been invented. Just imagine how much better the country would be if all the energy spent discussing it was instead put into doing something useful?
  12. Meanwhile back in the real world, Canada is strongly supporting the EU and thinks Brexit is the result of the same politics that led to Trump.
  13. As an example compare CETA with the EFTA-Canada deal. CETA is more wide-ranging and will remove more barriers between the EU and Canada than EFTA were able to achieve.
  14. We already have plenty of them through the EU and they are of better quality than the UK would be able to negotiate alone.
  15. If all you care about is having an 'agreement' without FOM it's easy. The hard part is fine-tuning the content of the agreement to maximise your gain.