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  1. Warning points became visible briefly during one update; hence why I know I have four. Some posters were vociferous about not having done anything to merit a warning and it then turned out they were also given out if a poster was themselves attacked. Which is odd.
  2. From the comments somebody posted a picture of children killed in the Iraq war and there were a couple of jokes about it. I didn't post in it when it saw it was being hijacked into a Remoan debate but it then took another swerve. You have a way to go to match my FOUR warning points BB!
  3. You ought to be doing the news Chumpus Rex. Awesome.
  4. I went round a big US civil war battleground, Chickamauga, which had a drive round to key points, about a dozen IIRC, each with parking and information boards and you could then walk around to see the markers of field positions or just walk in some lovely countryside. This was a midweek morning off season so there were only two cars doing it. The other car drove up to the board, presumably read it, then drive onto the next one. When I got to that again they were at the board but hadn't got out of the car. This idea of an effortless experience in the outdoors without actually leaving your car certainly has a market.
  5. The Cotswolds are fine if you avoid the tourist traps; ditto the Lake District. I plan my trips from books of walks which will have those magic phrases like "less visited".
  6. That's with other gays, the thinking was that every gay man, given the opportunity, was a predatory rapist. Uncle Monty out of Withnail. It's laughable in hindsight; I suppose I ceased to believe that when I found out at college that one of my friends was gay. He was a totally normal chap so my views formed by watching TV stereotypes didn't stand up.
  7. I spoke too soon: the storm is now heading north.
  8. Isn't that standard these days? I am a very occasional online shopper (three purchases ever I think!) but bought something a couple of weeks ago, the website said all orders placed before 3pm would be delivered the next day and it was at about half eleven in the hour slot they advised. This was interlink, I've not used Amazon.
  9. That was when Rover made great sport saloons. Long time ago. That wasn't the impression I had of the view of the times, rather that they were both seen as wrong but neither being worse than the other. I don't remember the two being conflated. The one I do remember is that gay men were universally seen as hugely predatory and desperate for sex with any straight man hence the "backs to the wall" gags. This being reinforced by John Inman's Mr Humphries character who was permanently up for sex with any man who walked into the shop.
  10. Very interesting watch CR. I hadn't considered the domino effect of failure owing to their being other dams further downstream.
  11. From what I've seen locally the huge variations in sentencing are down to the judges' personal opionion. One judge will do pretty much anything to avoid locking people up and one will do it routinely. That matters far more than whether the criminal is a man or a woman. It's total pot luck which one you get; I like that there's an independent judiciary but there needs to be checks and balances which don't appear to exist.
  12. I've stayed in a couple of Premier Inns where they've done this to the windows; it seems to be a recent thing and I don't like it though do like Premier Inns. Brewer's Fayre is ok at a push but if there's an alternative then I certainly take it!
  13. The coverage has been woeful on this; there is journalistic shorthand and there is sexing it up for a good headline. The reality is as you say though IIRC from earlier in the thread that the "emergency spillway" is a lower section of reservoir wall whose height is 20ft below that of the dam and the rest of the walls, so it acts as a safety valve on water height, and is itself 30ft high so if it collapses from the erosion then you get the top 30ft of the reservoir pouring down and the danger of that happening was the cause of the evacuation. Oroville is in north California and the storms towards the end of the week were in the southern part so weren't a threat but it kept the stories running for the papers.
  14. Granted it's wiki but this suggests that he was indeed a session musician but teh oteh rparts of his back story remain correct: I can't find an internet reference to it but if memory serves Peter Buck (REM) saw a romance in living like a tramp and having dropped out of college he started sleeping rough and picking up the odd casual job. He didn't like it at all and it lasted a very short time, months or even weeks. I was impressed that he was so candid about being basically a failed tramp because he had actually had a go and many rock stars would have played it up a lot rather than saying that it was rubbish and short-lived.
  15. As it stands it's slander of a dead man; albeit not in the legal sense as this is technically impossible. There is no tetsing of this "compelling" evidence in a court; just one man's opinion and the revelation that Heath had a car and could drive himself, if badly. I can't stand the bloke as he took us into the EU with lies and sold out our fishing industry to do so; but that doesn't mean I will believe absolutely anything about him. The damage is now done. Good man. I would feel dreadful if I knew that I was personally part-funding head liar Jon Sopel's salary so they get no money off me either.