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  1. Alternative discussion sites to FUBRA

    Time was people were banned for trying to encourage others to join a rival forum, now posters seem to be viewed as an unwanted irritation. How things change. I have no intention of abandoning OT any time soon, but if I do it will be for PistonHeads as, like HPC, I have an interest in the core subject matter from which one can then go Off Topic.
  2. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Wow. I thought I'd just been unlucky, I didn't realise that it was standard practice.
  3. Alternative discussion sites to FUBRA

    Apologies to EssKay if I am incorrectly pointing the finger at them but they posted in the London terrorist with the usual combined criticism / control of the forum post as is traditionally the province of Mortgage Bitch and Spinwheel. I suggested that anybody on the forum purely for such negative purposes should be banned though I didn't report the post. I may have inadvertently given them ideas so they reported the while thread and mods deleted it based on the whinge of somebody who would rather the forum didn't exist, but still posts on it for reasons best known to themselves.
  4. Pension ages going up again

    Yes, it's the equalised pensions being proposed to now start at 70 if you're currently under 30.
  5. Pension ages going up again

    From the people I've known that do it private practice is the number one most depressing occupation for accountants, even worse than audit. Working alone all day, chasing work, chasing bills. It doesn't sound fun.
  6. Pension ages going up again

    There will be various benefits paid out of course. I wouldn't however underestimate the momentum behind welfare reform. This may be long overdue but its underlying aim of always making it better to be working is bringing in real positive change. It's all means tested though. I had a twinge of envy when a friend (similar age, similar earning history) lost her job and was immediately able to claim Housing Benefit. I thought "free money" but to get that she must have no savings and probably debts. That twinge of envy evaporated.
  7. Pension ages going up again

    Although, prior to the rise of the divorce jackpot, the typical retiring couple would see the woman being a few years younger than the man so it sort of made sense. Though the same age is right IMO.
  8. Pension ages going up again

    Do you have a cunning plan?
  9. Pension ages going up again

    Yep: 67 for everyone and stop. Though I have sympathy for the WASPI campaign as, whilst it was entirely fair to set women's pension age at the same level as men's, it was beholden upon the government to tell these women rather than let them find out in their late fifties.
  10. Pension ages going up again

    I'm already regarded as a semi-boomer because I was one of the last to receive a grant to go to university rather than having to take out a massive loan. Now I will be granted the privilege of being able to retire at 67 whilst this is being funded by younger people who will have to work to 70 to get the same. It doesn't sit right with me. I'm now going to get benefits (state pension 67 - 70) which are being denied to those whose taxes will be funding it. That's wrong.
  11. Pension ages going up again

    Talk about drawing up the ladder. Under 45 now? 68 Under 30 now? 70 Enough now, just stop it and have some regard for fairness. If it is purely a cost issue then give a slightly lower pension to everyone.
  12. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I don't, personally, believe that it will be allowed to go that far. As with the issues long discussed here, excessive housing costs and failing social care to name but two, eventually TPTB cotton on to the fact that there is a problem and start to do something about it. Lots of wealthy single men retiring early will ring lots of alarm bells in HMRC as their projected tax take drops off a cliff; then the balance starts being redressed.
  13. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yes. He does.
  14. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    He's a faux tribute band Mr Pin.
  15. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Popgun has nothing to contribute and is best put on Ignore. File under Mortgage Bitch and sPinwheel. He's only here to have a go and defend his beta status.