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  1. I thought we already had our own fake news website in the BBC; filling the space between its self-generated articles on the Great British Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing, and Children in Need with slurs about Brexit and Trump, support for Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, understating immigration, burying stories of crime by immigrants, and pumping out outright propaganda lies like Clock Boy.
  2. They do love their mattresses! But it did bring home how my buying strategy of laying on a few and picking the comfiest was not the A1 best approach.
  3. Chalk another one up to the welfare state! A big motivation for having children throughout history has been that when they grow up they will help you. Anything from helping out on the farm to providing food for the family to paying the rent. If you didn't have children or other close family then you would just throw yourself onto the charity of the parish. So education gene or no education gene having children was a very sensible strategy. Now there isn't that benefit because the systems are in place that if find yourself all alone in the world and potless at 70 it doesn't matter; you will be comfortably housed, clothed and fed. So if you want to spend your time pursuing your career or intellectual interests rather than raising children then you won't materially suffer as a consequence. This is going to be more the case for those with this "education gene". I can't see how this is going to change; it will keep falling.
  4. My current mattress , not much over two years old, is not in a good state at all. I was thinking of buying the Premier Inn bed & mattress and in researching it found this review which was very informative and told you everything that you wanted to know about mattresses. I am partly posting this so I can find it again when I come to buy my next one.
  5. The thinnest people I know seem to live off sugar; they are more in the freaky eaters mould and avoid proper meals using sugar (sweets) to keep themselves going. I have noticed that in general colleagues who have sugar in their tea or coffee are thinner and I think this is similar to the diet coke people being fatter than those who drink it with the sugar: by having the regular sugar intake you are less hungry.
  6. What do you mean "same space"? The driver should have the same space between their car and anything they are over taking, but if it's a single cyclist then they only need to to go halfway over the line and so can overtake more quickly whereas if there are two cyclists next to each other then they need to go fully over the line making it a slower manoeuvre and so requiring more of the road ahead to be clear and your being able to see this.
  7. If I was an actor then I'd move to France! Actors don't get any special treatment in the UK any more; they used to up to ?20 years ago when it was accepted that their work was intermittent so they could sign on between jobs without a requirement to take other types of work. It always seemed to bit of special pleading as you can also say that about a lot of jobs that people do; so you either allow that for all or you don't allow it for any which is the way it ended up.
  8. That's my take on it. And if NASA genuinely wants to kill off the conspiracy theory for good then they should go through all their photos and videos and itemise every case of a doctored or reused piece of footage with the reason why this was the case each time. That would be the end to it all.
  9. We'll agree to differ on that one. I cycle and I wouldn't do it through courtesy to other road users.
  10. How is that "normal"? It's just rude. And whilst an overtake may require the same amount of space between the car and the cyclist whether it is one cyclist or two if there are two cyclists then that's effectively a car width that you're having to overtake. Consideration works both ways.
  11. For most savers this would be like winning the lottery; this is £9,000 a year index linked for life. If you save on the basis you can sustainably draw 2% then this is like winning £450k, if 1% then £900k. If I had known at age 21 that I could get £9k a year as of right then I wouldn't have even started work, but would have pursued my hobbies full time. That's a fulfilling life for me but it's also one less taxpayer funding the great benefits giveaway.
  12. They were exhibiting the one bit of behaviour by cyclists that I find incredibly selfish - riding side by side so preventing overtaking. It says "as one overtook the other" but it won't have looked like this and it may not have been this. And when he tooted for them to ride normally so that he could get past then one of them gave him the finger. Up to this point there is only one person being both rude and inconsiderate and it isn't the car driver; it's the outer cyclist. The outer cyclist should have made a conciliatory gesture and gone in behind or in front of the inner cyclist. I have several times crawled in a line of traffic up a particular long narrow uphill road from a train station whilst a cyclist struggles uphill ahead of me. There are no toots or dangerous overtaking (not just none by me, none by anybody) because everybody appreciates that the cyclist is just trying to get up the hill. If the queue was however being blocked by two cyclists riding abreast then people would rightly get annoyed.
  13. Immigrants bringing their parents in for the benefits and the NHS innit.
  14. Yay, working now. It's credited me three full years from the age of 16 and then two partial years where I signed on for the summer for year two and three and uni, then full years every year thereafter including the two years I didn't work and they offered to let me make them up for a payment which I did. From reading this thread I think that's the standard record - first three years from 16 in full time education count as full years but no more than three. I can't make up the two partial years as they're more than six years ago; and I don't really want to anyway as I'll now hit the 35 years before I was planning to cease work anyway. Well done my employers for paying their contributions over. State pension at 67 but it now says on the front page that they're unable to calculate my forecast, which is presumably the under 50 issue again but at least they're saying that on the front screen arther than letting me fill everything in first. Edit: though I should be wary as per man o' the year's post above "full" may not mean "full".