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  1. Bank of England Base Rate

    Its beyond my understanding. The UK seems to be in such a perilous position and yet we are being told its all OK? I assume its so we 'don't frighten the horses'; or is it the 'Debt Donkeys'.
  2. Are the seats sideways facing, like a tube train? If so, a journey across London and out to Reading would be vile.
  3. Sounds like a good rule to me.
  4. Was her TED talk about how to be a naughty girl and get away with it?
  5. Very Fatal

    Dr Arthur Cassidy, a British psychologist who has been exposed to too much social media, hasn't retained the cognitive function to figure out that 'very' is often an unnecessary word.
  6. The perfect storm....

    Things have been quiet in Bogey Land, I wonder what he is up to....
  7. I have a friend who wishes to sell or rent her modest 2 bed north of Reading and not a nibble. I expect many people will start to get cross about the money spent wasted on Crossrail.
  8. Love this description of good old Ray, the go-to mortgage talking head.
  9. Agreed. Eventually all those Thatcher supporters who haven't seen the light will realise what an arch criminal she really was.
  10. The perfect storm....

    I agree with you on that Sugarlips but it worth remembering that the world has been in an almost continuous state of war somewhere on the planet over the last century. I suspect the Count meant a war affecting the wealthy parts of the world. Yesterdays Spring Statement was complete twaddle so in UK terms I think The Count is correct and the storm is building - does that make us storm chasers?
  11. Biggest annual drop in car sales since 2009

    Likewise, a C30 here bought when scrapage was in and I was covering high mileages. Its a lovely car that makes choosing another one very tough. The seats are the best I have ever come across. I tend to think of the C30/S40/V50 as Focuses with a bit of extra Scandi magic (and expense of course if things need doing).
  12. Eating out?

    It is commonly known that he failure rate in the Restaurant trade is high and there have been some well publicised problems recently (Prezzo, Jamie's etc). Does the latest attack in a Ziizi restaurant mean that more and more people will question the sanity of paying through the nose for formulaic food?
  13. Biggest annual drop in car sales since 2009

    I think the Ford Focus was a real game changer and when it came out it was a big shock to the likes of VW whose cars were just not as good . It has a fantastic chassis and every one I have ever been in has impressed me with its ride, performance and value for money. A good friend has had two ST's from nearly new and they have been superb cars. Another friend has a cooking 1600 with a fair few miles on it and the whole package is still tight and the engine is like a sewing machine. My neighbour who buys new cars regularly and does not seem to be brand loyal, ditched his Focus because of its dodgy electronic gearbox, other than that he loved it. By chance I came up behind a coupe of cars the other day over a slightly choppy bit of road and it was the Focus that took the undulations smoothly whilst the Audi (A4 I think) was bucking around slightly. It was clear to me that the Focus was making less of a fuss than the Audi. I think, without realising it, I have become a bit of a Focus fan so I would agree, a Focus is probably all the car most of us would ever need.
  14. Freddos beat house prices

    But how can this be; our economy is strong, stable and growing?
  15. I hope you are correct but I fear this may never happen. I would welcome an end to the Tories and their ilk but we still have too many Alf Garnett types left in the UK so its hard to imagine a time with no Tories.