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  1. As it happens I bought a brand new pair of preshrunk Levi's in 1969 and they cost about £3 s10 (£3.50 in new money). That was expensive in those days. In the 80's I discovered I could buy 501's straight from the US and saved a bundle till Levi stopped their retailers selling outside the US - under $30 + shipping.
  2. Thanks for posting this up. It had come into my inbox as I used to be an Economist subscriber. I like the Economist despite its appalling Right wing stance on some topics. However I have one caveat about this article and that is The Economist is often bearish on global property prices, which of course I love. The Economist and Money Week are both consistently bearish on property and yet so far, like so many of us, they seem to not quite get it right which is a great shame. I still hang on and hope for a substantial correction in price but as each year passes I become less optimistic and more angry.
  3. On the subject of old tech, I still have my Nakamichi tape deck plumbed in, a mere DR10 I am afraid. I occasionally use it and if you are playing a well recorded metal tape it is astonishingly good.
  4. Good point winkie and one worth repeating. That's a lot of money each month before you think about the interest rates.
  5. Petrol-head Question

    Sometimes when its raining on the motorway I will have the rear wiper on intermittent but the front wipers off but I do use Rain-X on the windscreen which is very effective at 70mph. Unfortunately Rain-X doesn't stop the mess on the rear screen.
  6. That's how I am hoping it will pan out. With low wages, falling real employment and rising transport costs its hard to see many areas rising significantly as the London/South East bubble deflates.
  7. The Death of London

    That part of your post made me realise how the South East and London are feeling a bit '80's' but in a phony way. One main difference is that in the 80's we had the 'Loads of Money' phenomenon and it was real (not just a comics parody). Today its 'Loads of Credit', or as they used to say - all fur coat and no knickers. The difference is that this time the fur coats on tick.
  8. The Great BIG redundancy thread!

    Re: Transport for London jobs going I would say scarey rather than hilarious. Many rail/train accidents are correlated to a lessening in infrastructure maintenance; the most important part of a rail system is the condition of the rails.
  9. Mexican standoff

    That nails it for me.
  10. Halifax +0.5%

    How is that possible with the way the economy is going down the toilet?
  11. Presumably a nice Diesel engined Merc which will happily cover intergalactic mileages.
  12. Is it time for another riot?

    Agreed, the only thing that surprised me about August 2011 is that some people seemed surprised it happened.
  13. Sellers withdraw from the market

    I absolutely agree with this and it is a law that should have been passed many years ago but hey, ho that would hurt rich people so that would never do.
  14. I have felt like this for years - Britain is turning into bloody Poundbury when I was hoping for something a bit more Gerry Anderson or Jetsons in the 21st Century.
  15. Reading

    More good news. As it happens Apple are having a tough time over the preferential tax deal they had in Ireland so maybe a newly independent UK can help them out.....