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  1. Too many to ignore too few to allow to ambush either party or country ?
  2. Don’t tell me authoritarian populism is at the point it’s magic wanding words out of OED existence lol.
  3. This bit had me spitting out my breakfast: “These fears about a race to the bottom are based on nothing, not history, not intention, nor interest.” Because yeah thats right going by all that’s been said and done by these quixotic loons, they can be trusted with the housing market, our health, food standards, education, the fecking railways ... give them Henry VIII powers as soon as possible.
  4. Er no. You have half the Conservative party going on a jingo bingo jolly, prepared by the MSM (over more than a decade) at the expense of the country. The population has either gone along with it or stood back and thought meh this is ******** and ‘what will the actual impact be ?’ The ‘economy’ word for us proles is simply a proxy for the viability of aspiration - see also how the other words in the word cloud reinforce this. When ‘the economy’ is ‘good’ people generally report gravy (let’s put hpi et al to one side for a moment), Leavers or Remainers. When it’s bad everyone is being laid off. Tenuous to feck all link with neo-liberalism. The ‘immigration’ word points to specific blame/solution, not a woolly temperature gauge. See also how the other words in the word cloud reinforce this. Wages low ? It’s the immigrants. NHS out of money ? It’s the immigrants/EU. Even if you think it all nonsense, it at least points to Leavers having similar basic concerns and aspiration for their lives.
  5. Lol - well at least you read the first paragraph, even so, difficult to understand how you came to that conclusion when I explicitly wrote the opposite throughout the post. re: ideology and lip service Yeeees, politicians pay lip service to people’s hopes dreams demands...we’re discussing what those appear to be and how they have been expressed ? re: parroting That’s almost impossible to unravel definitively and a lazy cheap shot - we read, debate, learn, agree disagree. From my biased view-point, the Leave agenda was drummed into the masses for over a decade through the MSM (arguably leading to parroting but in reality not conceived in a vacuum), it’s credibility was entirely p1ssed away (for me) by numpties during the referendum followed by a more detailed understanding of the case for Remain kind of painstakingly built up after the referendum while the governments repeated and predictable failing like clockwork is excused. A complex process not simply explained by ‘parroting’. Re neoliberals vs conservatives. Thats fine - and appreciate its the focus of your interest, but again it ignores the more challenging and subtler point that many people not ideologues, on both sides might be expressing a desire for similar goals albeit through radically different solutions and yes hence exploited by radically different politicians.
  6. Entertaining read ! So then - still think referenda are a good idea ? Blimey - so he’s not irredeemable lol!
  7. Well of course not - for most of the population (ie not the neoliberal 1%ers) ‘economy’ is code for ‘what are my job prospects, living standards and those of my children’. Fascinating you seek to pervert something that obvious. If we ignore the unsavoury dog whistle meanings and memes of ‘immigration’ no reason not to think it can’t be at least coming from similar concerns. Aside from how similar concerns might be being interpreted through both these words, the other words give further insight as to approach and mentality. Crucially, and I really do mean this for both sides, it gives food for thought on how politicians seek to manipulate. Yes it’s repulsively obvious on the Leave side, but on the Remain side, on the one hand there are the appeals from the global/neo-liberal free-traders like Liam Fox (swivel-eyed fantasy imho) - on the other hand from EU state fanatics (not my cup of tea). Ironically it’s Project Persuasion for Remainers (over matters that Leavers also care deeply about) but all that’s apparently fit for Leaver ‘serfs’ is Project Fear and Loathing (erupting occasionally in violence or idiotic MSM headlines).
  8. Well no that was a secret trigger word communique between the Midwich Cuckoo/Boys from Brazil - Trump says ‘covfefe’, Johnson says ‘carrot carrot’.
  9. That sounds like a happy marriage of Project Leave mantra and Project @Errol.
  10. Interesting read - also that for Remainers it’s ‘economy’ and that Leavers have felt compelled to make spurious economic arguments. The other words also paint a picture, Remainers: Rights, Future, human, security, stability, Europe, trade, workers, jobs, European Leavers: Control, Sovereignty, laws, borders, country, back, money, getting, Brussels Fair to say for Remainers, Brexit is some sort of assault on general human prospects relations and identity ? Fair to say for Leavers ‘Brussels’ has been made a boogie man and dominance of the phrase ‘getting country/money back’ ?
  11. They would never have offered that - wasn’t immigration a Trojan horse used by the global free traders ? Ta very much for the MSM whipping up the hysteria over the last decade or so...
  12. But then as I understand it the only options it is allowing are whatever it comes back with or WTO. This means presumably ‘whatever’ will be rubberstamped with an all but meaningless vote ? ie Hobson’s choice with a ‘but you voted for it’. Does It therefore have any incentive to bother for anything better for the country if it’s going to be troublesome for the party ?
  13. Treason ! Hang his outlaw poster on the tabloids immediately !
  14. I think we’re beyond the point of expecting any credible answer - the question now is why politicians and their supporters are happy to carry on with this state of affairs over something as monumental as this. I’m not expecting much more than happy clappy estate agent levels of optimism and weird spin on Brexit. As I understand it we won’t be given a real choice let alone an informed choice after the grand reveal of what they intend to Henry the 8th on us for the next generation.
  15. Essentially, the more time passes with the government still sounding like they havent a fecking clue what they are doing the more polarised the differing camps will get - whichever way opinion shifts.