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  1. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Thanks. Been bugging me all week!
  2. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Sure, but not "Already there today" as Timbuk3 quoted, unless I'm wrong.
  3. Nice one guys. What I've been saying so long. At least until V goes up! The trick is to work out the triggers, prepare before hand, and "brace, brace, brace" 'cause when it goes, it goes!
  4. And make them bike to work!
  5. "At the very best". In the context of PE - point being you can't get something for nothing. Everything has a cost like QE causes the hollowing out of companies by PE. They cherry pick successes, if any, without proper weighting to the costs. Costs like you mention. Many, many others. Hence the "twit" label. Suitably down market to pop their fake intellectual arrogance.
  6. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    I get "rol" but dare I ask what an "Acc" is?
  7. Message to CBs - at the very best, you're playing a zero sum game you twats.
  8. Yes. Some had choices, maybe most. Could make sacrifices for something. So wish that was the case today. I assume not although I know well educated and able youngsters doing fine today who do not come here. But those days now seem the start of the current descent into hell. We had oil, financial liberalisation, etc and it was stolen and/or squandered. But I'm reaching old fart status and wonder if the visitors here are representative so who knows. Didn't have social media and the internet back then, just a pint or two and mates down the pub. Sad all this social media puts out so much noise and evil thoughts. More seems less these days. Now you've got to really be on top of your shite to survive and be the person you want/ought to be. Just because it's there or because you can, doesn't mean you should but takes a 'ard un to say no. I say fek social media 'cause I don't want to live in The Matrix.
  9. Wealthy Russian Exodus - what impact?

    Got you now if you ever start winning an argument! At least would of if you ever done!
  10. Paying HB is soooo much easier than building houses. Don't forget the vast majority of these privileged Oxbridge politicians and civil servants have no experience of actually delivering substantive and practical things let alone anything of this scale. They've never really left their closeted Oxbridge academic world of unaccountable yap. They're fakes, actors, parasites.
  11. Just had some quality thinking time in the shower and am upgrading your point to "most excellent" status! Maybe those potential FTBs should be looking for ex-BLT properties and offering 15-20% less, along with their telephone number for the call back! How to find such properties? Come to my seminar, on a special today only price of £500, nothing compared to the potential wealth creation! Back to your point, how do I feel as I think these things through......
  12. My head hurts! Anyways, the experiences made me realise how much people need homes (owned or proper long term rentals like in Europe) for social stability and quality (see my old post). Also a simile (metaphor?) for neo-liberalism - nothing else has value than money.
  13. Was for me! About 3 times salary. Could have gone 4 times and bought in the centre if my city but that would have been silly! Pleased I didn't once I realised what management charges and the rest were.