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  1. I have also been on a diet. Don’t stress about eating pizza, just have a small portion. The main thing that’s helped the weight drop off for me is less booze, which was cut out entirely in Jan and reduced to weekends and special occasions in Feb. No point in an extreme diet you can’t keep up. Instead, have smaller portions, switch out bad choices for good, so instead of crisps and sweets, have fruit and nuts, allow yourself some treats though. Slimline tonic with ice and a slice is almost a G&T, but zero calories. Ive dropped from 90kg to 83kg doing the above, and that’s with several big boozy sessions getting in the way, although I have done quite a lot of exercise to burn some extra calories, but I have always done the exercise and enjoy it.
  2. Yep, remember him (or her). I even remember your top of the line Audi A8. The activity on the forum is just a fraction of what it was back then. Ended up buying in 2007, but went cheap as a precaution. Prices then dropped a little round my way but recovered shortly after. Moved to the “forever” home in 2015, and have watched prices continue to go up since. I’ve been able to weather the storm as I’ve been lucky on the job front, but the situation sucks for those on average salaries. ps. What are you driving these days?
  3. Think I joined 2006 having lurked a while before that. Never posted much but was an avid reader for quite a while. Prices continue to defy gravity and have prolonged adverse impacts to the population.
  4. Budget supermarket terrible customer service

    I generally buy everything on credit card, and if they refus the refund in store, perhaps after a short email to head office, I would just dispute the original charge on my credit card. This would put the onus on them to dispute it, or the cc company would just eat the cost as its easier than investigating.
  5. For the record, we have a pool table, and it's loads of fun. Since we have young kids we don't get to go out together much, so it's great to have a party in the house once the kids are in bed. The wife has her DJ station set up in the corner, complete with cheapo LED lights, and it looks cool. It's great when you have friends over to, better table than in a pub, nicer environment and cheaper drinks. What about to comment on there being a lot of sour pusses on this thread, but it's par for the course round here I must admit, the downside is that cuing action is inhibitited by the twigs in vases that are placed around the edge of the room.
  6. GB Energy Supply Gone Bust

    Wait for ofgem to assign you a new supplier. Advice is not to try and switch now, especially if you have a credit balance with them. The new supplier should take on the credit balance. You should also take a meter reading now according to the article, and just hold on to it pending the notification of new supplier.
  7. Mirror Article I was / am with these guys. They were the cheapest when I signed up. It seems they offered fixed rate deals without forward buying the energy to match against what they had sold. I guess I wont have to pay a leccy bill for a while whilst they sort the mess out.
  8. Hillary Clinton

    sure are taking their time
  9. Did anyone else see the "property expert" on BBC Breakfast this morning. Telling us all how BTL investors are providing a valuable service, and there is no evidence to suggest that they have been responsible for some of the price increases that everyone has been subject to for the past decade or so.
  10. It seems we need really low interest rates.
  11. Kite Flying Rentals

    I thought that's quite good value, then realised it was per week. It says it's been on since April, presumably no takers.
  12. Hillary Clinton

    I know its been said before, but I just don't understand how the MSM fail to question the narrative when it appears to have so many holes in it. I have no idea whether the official story is true, part true or complete lie, but one would have through that if its all true, then the facts would be laid out to support that assertion, but I just don't see that happening. It will be an interesting few weeks...
  13. Hillary Clinton

    What does everyone make of her brief appearance yesterday? Not a great deal of footage that I could find.
  14. What's this trust thing you speak of? Either way, as an accountant, not sure how your figures work, mind you have had a beer. How much of the repayment is interest and how much is capital.
  15. A close contact of mine that works in higher education has been saying for some time that this will be the next mis selling scandal. Students have been mis sold to on two fronts, firstly that the loans were in any way affordable and secondly that the crappy courses that they are studying will actually improve their job prospects.