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  1. This is what I can see will happen, been saying it for years.....HPI has it's uses, it will pay for living costs otherwise would not be affordable long-term for some.
  2. I understand that so what indices do include the rate of increase in rents or the rate of increase in the cost of buying property.......or cars for that matter?......CPI is what they look at more than RPI, RPI is more relevant and always higher....have noticed the things we all need and buy regularly are increasing very quickly at the moment....other items not much change unless fashionable, new or scarce.
  4. Isn't that what people sometimes do, say something is not worth investigating in, the price will be going down, keep out of that market, whilst at the same time holding and buying for themselves?
  5. Sometimes just have to proudly say sorry would like to go, do this or that but can't afford it.....don't feel have missed out......going for a lovely free healthy walk so invigorating, going together better.
  6. Yes, people do not buy computers every month but have to pay the rent every month. Fuel and gas next...... Still the low pound will see inflation will rise.......ever higher.
  7. Leadership

    Who are the in situ figure heads and who are the ones that pull the strings?
  8. VAT on meat and dairy.....
  9. ......yes, if you take account of the size of the national debt we all pay for..... wasn't the interest paid on it per year something n the region of what we spend on the NHS a year?
  10. A rate rise will only affect the highly indebted........high inflation affects everyone.
  11. Growing inflation, spend less, go out less, do things differently.....sometimes differently is better.......create own deflation, not everyone can granted, but most can do something small that will help....all in this together.
  12. Well the only way I can see around that one is for everyone to be given a home to buy at 18 or 21.....then removed at death to pass on to the next 18 or 21 year old......there will still be arguments on what house and where they wanted pleasing everyone.
  13. No, there have always been landlords be it social landlords, renting out a room in own home landlords, professional landlords, individuals buying a property with own money to rent out would mean there would be far fewer landlords about, more homes available to buy........the problem is not being a landlord it is the tax benefits, cheap credit, interest only afforded to them, AST contracts means good tenants can be told to get out on a rent tribunals or rent protection......a system where the indebted, interest only landlords have held all the cards and rights, good tenants hold few rights, pay high costs, fees, and rents with little security at all.....this is what needs to be rebalanced........not doing away with places to rent, there will always be people who prefer to rent, for many different reasons.
  14. Venger, I do find your posts hard to digest and sometimes difficult to read....but will try to reply to some of your points since you quoted me. If I am correct, looking at those who took up IO & liar loans in a pre credit crisis, get as much debt/credit out there as possible, a climate when all debt especially secured debt was highly encouraged, so now because of how the whole financial system almost collapsed and billions was spent to support it, affordability and credit risks have become more stringent rightly so.....these people will never repay the debt they undertook in their lifetime, if it were today they would be renting, benefits paying their rent...... can't exactly blame them for the position they find themselves in, the system promoted and encouraged it at the time....... Downsizing, might be an option for a few, if they have enough equity after costs, moving is very expensive and the type of housing that would meet their needs like bungalows or sheltered housing is in short supply like everything else......anyway the elderly find change very stressful and not good for health if have lived in an area for many years and have a good support network around them. The problem is lack of supply, not what others have, it is what many others do not have and can only see a future where there is no possibility for them to secure their own family home they will one day hopefully own. I think the children/relatives of these people should be helping them more if they can and not expect the state to pay.....I think they will have more of an incentive to help if they think their future inheritance will start to be erroded by compounded interest being added as a second charge on said home.......