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  1. Sad to see Debenhams fail.....So who do you think will rent all this excess commercial property in prime positions at the rents they ask????? Am or EB platforms, doubtful, or will it become lightless housing units?.....fewer purchasing choices is not beneficial for consumers.
  2. Help to Buy

    Does HTB have any correlation to student loans and other high risk loans?...privatise the debt.....those that can will stick to the arrangement, those who can't or won't will skip/ride off to the sunset?.....helicopter (ppi) money?
  3. BOE UK Interest rate on hold at 0.5%

    ......what ever happened to true value and worth?.....easing created that illusion.
  4. BOE UK Interest rate on hold at 0.5%

    No it wouldn't......most people with debt pay nothing like the BofE base rate, lenders can and do increase their borrowing rates any time they want, depending on risk, just like they have reduced the savings rates hugely when interest rates hardly moved... see credit cards, wonga style is not private debt, more so size of public debt...also the world creditability, stability of the currency?
  5. BOE UK Interest rate on hold at 0.5%

    2% base would be a miracle....2% is the inflation target.....2% annual deduction of debt without doing anything, magic.
  6. They've gone too far...again

    Is that the QE curve or the growing debt curve.......sure it is not the wages curve......still less money in pockets to pay for more debt/inflation......... something will have to eventually give, no fear.
  7. 30% pay rises for NHS workers.

    Many of these jobs are common sense and compassion.......the expensive hurdels required to do a job most competent person with a vocation could do.......many mature people don't bother because the system makes it very hard for them to enter, both in time and money......if they want nurses/carers they should invest in them and in their training......period.
  8. Wage inflation surging

    There is another way around getting things paid for......say to employer forget the pay rise, just pay the fare into work or 'name of bill that requires to be paid' or this month's rent or car payment.....sorted.
  9. 30% pay rises for NHS workers.

  10. Wage inflation surging

    That is have more money to spend/save or dabble with....... a few new places can now venture to others will never know or care about.....what never had monetary wise will never that ~2% rise in real terms? 5% of £10,000 is quite different to 5% of £50 or £70,000.......or more...... compounded.
  11. Wage inflation surging

    Most people work.....most people do not work for money.......will they get a pay rise?
  12. They've gone too far...again

    At the end of the day we are all it rented/mortgaged home.....fuel, transport, water or our tax dues.......can only pay it until unable to pay or until no longer available.