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  1. The BBC is not very good at maths - normally baby boomers are people born post 1945 up to 1965 - so they could be 72 now Saying that a great article - shame it was not published 17 years ago when this problem started
  2. I am surprised Spain is so high, the chances of voids there must be quite high due to oversupply*. To be honest I would ignore anything that did not include voids and tax (saying that I am not planning to BTL).
  3. I meant the existence of laws as opposed to anarchy - not that all laws are good.
  4. Fair enough I just wondered why you chose to look at their history in Europe as opposed to worldwide. Lots of things are artificial constructs that we think are good, money, laws, electricity, the internet etc and have not been around forever.
  5. And non Europeans should be ignored as an example to follow?
  6. I think you are comparing Conservative supporting the Conservative party with conservative - supporting conservative views. As May is useless the two do not have to be the same. She could be replaced.
  7. I disagree a few left wingers resigning and winning by elections would have had a massive effect (and the Tories might have changed their view in that case) Although I dislike them I don't want to be like Venezuela to upset them. Before someone says "He won't make us like Venezuela" -" who knew that Blair was going to make housing unaffordable?"
  8. I would love to know why Corbyn didn't do a Carswell to stop the Iraq War. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clacton_by-election,_2014
  9. That is true - although of course some of that started under Labour.
  10. You shouldn't assume others are like you. I was pro immigration until 1) I saw the lack of housing it caused - ironically the first person who drew my attention to the connection was an immigrant (There are benefits to medium scale immigration - different views - like this one for example). 2) I saw that some people come for benefits and were not grateful (I dislike British parasites today but why invite more here? If your brother is mentally ill, it doesn't mean that you should marry a lunatic). Saying that I don't have anything against people who come here legally to work - not live off benefits I am married to one. My values are not fixed - they changed according to what I see, if I were to wake up I find that the housing crisis and islamic terrorism were just a bad dream* my views on immigration would probably change. *Sadly not likely. I wouldn't get your hopes up about Brexit voters dying, a lot of the older people who voted leave, voted to stay in 1975 - the same could happen to today's young.
  11. What about the human cost to those who can't afford to live in area x because the jobless are given houses there and spend less time with their families as a result? Many years ago I read this comment on a BBC article about journeys to work (I can't remember the exact words)
  12. I agree 100% sadly it is quite a controversial view with my circle of friends.
  13. It would benefit most private renters but those who rely on housing benefit would have to move to cheaper areas.