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  1. +1 although they made renting cheaper than buying, by making buying more expensive.
  2. Only if they think it is a bad idea, sadly a lot of things (Dangerous dog, CSA, ERM) which had had broad support have been very bad ideas. The last thing which was supported by all and was not a disaster was probably the Falklands war. I can't think of many things which were opposed vehemently by one side or the other and we now all think was a great idea - apart from abolishing slavery.
  3. The ones on benefits are who have cheap housing won't. Sadly the ones who are great for the country will leave.
  4. But that should not be illegal, any more than it is not illegal that I don't try to get a better paid job because the tax means that the benefits out weigh the costs.
  5. Migration watch on housing

    +1 I went to Norwich and there I saw a petrol stations with an automatic car cleaning places. In London they are often done by hand - subsidized by tax credits.
  6. Migration watch on housing

    No, if you have more people you need more people. More people in one industry means we need more health staff, builders etc for ever and ever amen. It also means that we don't have to be like the Japanese and invest in robots - although in 30 years time that might look a very bad move.
  7. Swedish housing boom now over

    Thanks for that, of course with the right (or rather wrong) planning restrictions and enough centralization any country can have a shortage of housing. In Russia many people in St Petersburg live in housing that makes London look good - but it is hardly a densely populated country.
  8. Migration watch on housing

    True, I often wonder why Teresa May does not justify the limits that she is asking. I know immigrants who think the current limit (£22k IIRC) is really racist, when I pointed out, that at the level you are costing the country money they were shocked. Of course the Government should justify this.
  9. Migration watch on housing

    In the process they managed to get us out of the EU- I hope they think it was worth it.
  10. Migration watch on housing

    There is something wrong with the fact that those figures sort of add up. You should be able to support yourself on less without help from the Government.
  11. Migration watch on housing

    Yes I agree.
  12. My aim when I took out a mortgage was not to be put in debt forever. I hope that my grandchildren think of 25 year mortgages as unbelievably long.
  13. I don't agree with all you say, but this bit I do. Then again it is a bit like comparing someone who runs over and shuts at you and one who say sorry. The difference is not that great.