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  1. We are not blaming immigrants, we are saving that the increase in demand caused by immigration has caused a shortage, a subtle difference. It is not the immigrants fault there is not enough houses, it is the politicians fault for letting them come here and not changing the benefits system/ planning controls so we have enough houses. But the problem is partly caused by immigration, people do pay more for houses forcing prices up because of immigration. I know because I did it, I got money due to immigrants paying me rent and I used it to spend more money on a house.
  2. Every single BTL I have ever spoken to has said that immigration is one reason why they think it is a good investment. I rented out rooms to afford to move up the ladder - and all the lodgers were immigrants. Of course if they had not paid me then the vendor would have had accept a lower price, so I didn't really gain from it, they just helped me cope with HPI caused by immigration.
  3. That maybe true, however I worked out that the real cost of owning in my road has gone up by about £1000 pcm since 1997. That is a bigger factor and is an amazing amount. (This is £1000 more that it would be if it had risen by inflation.
  4. I was told by a colleague that is what they are called - but I could be wrong.
  5. Surely old people have more equity and so should be able to hold on to their properties (unless it is I/O).
  6. What about the parachute payment and hidden fees should they not be counted in the real cost?
  7. I agree with you - and I think £300 is the lower level of the moneny spent
  8. A) How economic are they? B') A lot of people would have problems getting the wife to agree to buy an old car.
  9. Out of interest what was it like to live there?
  10. Very true and he should get some of the blame for destroying them.
  11. UK housing is bad (for refugees)

    By putting them in a cheaper area it saves the tax payer money, isn't that a good thing?
  12. Thanks for that, good to hear they cannot be thrown out.
  13. UK housing is bad (for refugees)

    Even if they are genuine why should they be given a place in Wandsworth? (If they are genuine fair enough, but why Wandsworth)?