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  1. Didsbury

    The crazy fools think they’re middle class. They’re so going to get torn a new one.
  2. Didsbury

    Schools? Stepping Hill? Didn’t that get priority over Wythie Gen? Stockpoort also has what is reportedly the best restaurant in Manchester.
  3. I got it because I quoted what you wrote. Do tell how the Greeks defaulting would have resulted in expulsion from the EU? Maybe @Confusion of VIs or one of the other astroturfers can enlighten us with the delightful little piece of EU legislation which covers this? I am full up for the "truth". It would be a great exercise for the Remain camp to explain in simple terms every little step of the way as to why we cannot leave the EU. The path taken since joining whatever it was called and explaining to the UK public exactly what has happened. To quote, Jack Nicholson, we probably can't handle the truth.
  4. Is that you best Whitehall bureaucratic answer? Do they give classes in trying to put words in other peoples mouths? Greece are richer now than they were 20 years ago and 'richer' than the EE states? Completely ignoring the irresponsible EU-sponsored run-up, the calamitous crash and the ruined prospects for the next 20 years? Gee thanks, with EU friends like you who needs enemies. Who said anything about protecting living standards? There is a scale between those living previous living standards and where they find themselves today and almost everyone said the Germans took it too far - which is proved by the ongoing economic situation. Where were the punitive measures when the money was being handed out? As long as the Greeks gave it yes sir, no sir three bags full sir, buying german consumer products, german defence products and german infrastructure services, funny how Greek corruption wasn't a problem. Didn't admit it was a problem there. started out with a 'solution' that was too austere and has resulted in many further bail out and no one will admit their wrong on the EU side? Why? Stupidity? Hubris? Spite? Nice how you can equate bail out terms that give the Greek a chance with writing off of debts whilst BTLs keep their houses, nothing of the sort. Its the Germans who are keeping their gains, not the Greeks. It would be going a bit far to say I was ever pro-EU but in the window between the UK banking crisis and the Greek crisis, I would have considered myself pro-German and how the UK should be more like Germany. Their behaviour during the Greek crisis changed my opinion.
  5. I’m in the market for a second hand unicorn. Got anything suitable?
  6. Look at UK austerity and look at Greek austerity. Spot the difference.
  7. Why did the Greeks have to leave the EU?
  8. Didn’t dodge it at all. There was a shit sandwich being served up and the EU double filled it with shit then stamped on it. The Greeks said it wouldn’t work, everyone outside the EU said it wouldn’t work. Oh look it didn’t work. They needed bigger haircuts and better terms. Their lives would still have been miserable but there would have been a small chance of rebuilding. Instead they have been purposely crippled. Makes Esther McVey look like mother Teresa. Coming to you the the next time you step out of line. That’s the reality, none of this sky is falling in rubbish. And I would vote leave for that reason every day of the week.
  9. The turnip plan is a no-goer as every agricultural worker in the country will evaporate.
  10. Why stupidly/deceitedly continue with a dogmatic solution that everyone said wouldn’t work and had been shown, didn’t work? 11 million people on the hook for a bailout for European banks. And they call the tories the nasty party
  11. Same plan as everyone, pretend everything is rosy until one day it isn’t. I would have planned to drag out article 50 for far longer, I’m happy to have a longer transitional period and Once the sky doesn’t fall in, fully break away with whatever interim measures are working around 2025. I am happy for Europeans to travel all over but clearly the imbalances caused by EU rules and our systems are not healthy.
  12. This chart is proof of the EU building up and smashing down a nation to reshape it in its own image. Occupied but with no tanks or troops, just bullying threats to make them poor. Oh, hello...
  13. Clearly your plan is to keep moaning, chicken little. my plan is to start planting turnips because come the 31st March 2019 when the borders close, I’ll be rich!
  14. God giveth and God taketh away (and by God I mean the cult that crashie follows)