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  1. Oh dear Labour

    Yes a surprising point of view for a labour supporter - or maybe not as many people must have formed their views in the period when labour were in government encouraging people to put money in property. He's probably representative of quite a lot of voters and it illustrates the problem.
  2. Yes this seems to get to the heart of the issue. Why should it be framed like this? And I'm not quite sure who's doing the framing. It's based on a report from a government department, but it's not clear to what extent they are pushing the 'so therefore younger workers should pay more' angle, and to what extent that's been built on in the reporting, to stoke the intergenerational discontent which make controversial headlines.
  3. Here are the accounts for the Great Britain National Insurance Fund. Spyguy linked to the Wikipedia entry for the fund above. It's clearly not a pension fund in the way a company pension fund would work but it is a separate fund. NI contributions are paid into the fund which is separate from general tax revenue. It is used to pay many benefits including the state pension. It requires a surplus because: “The National Insurance scheme is financed on a pay as you go basis with contribution rates set at a level broadly necessary to meet the expected benefits expenditure in that year, after taking into account any other payments and receipts, and to maintain a working balance.” The fund can 'lend' the surplus to the government, but it can't borrow. So it needs to keep a healthy balance. But predictably the balance is getting smaller. I guess it is predicted to disappear by 2035.
  4. Oh dear Labour

    This is really interesting. I didn't know the labour party did that - do you have to be a party member to submit an idea or could it be anyone? The conservative party seems to require that you join a local group and go to meetings if you want to suggest policies. I bet that generates a much more boring set of suggestions. The three submissions you link to are completely detached from reality. I particularly like the idea of, say, medicine degrees having to fill half their places with people who just managed a D in Biology. But it's a real mixed bag.
  5. Toys R Us prepares to shut 25 stores

    A visit to ToysRUs doesn't seem to be that enjoyable for the children - it never quite lives up to the expectations. It definitely isn't enjoyable for the parents. The kids seem to find it more fun at somewhere on a more human scale and I think we end up spending more because of it. All toy shops are struggling to compete with the likes of Amazon, but Toys R Us probably falls between the two - the convenience and cheapness of Amazon, and the enjoyable experience of a smaller toy shop to spend birthday money in.
  6. The Great BIG redundancy thread!

    And, Toys R Us is being asked why the company gave the chief exec a big pay rise, at the same time as reducing profits and a pension deficit. It is sounding very much like BHS.
  7. It's not quite the same thing, but the strangest one I have seen is that a local authority in Lincolnshire has bought a Travelodge in Keighley. They are hoping it will provide a good income. They can't even argue that it will support the local economy.
  8. Leadership

    People vote on the issues most important to them - eg. for Evangelicals that is often abortion. Or they vote tribally according to deep rooted party allegiance. He seems to only view women in terms of their sexual attractiveness to him, and in no other way. Even his own daughter. He has said many things about Ivanka that boil down to 'my daughter is so sexy'. It may not be misogyny exactly but it suggests an inability to see women as full people.
  9. Leadership

    Definitely the latter - but unfortunately gum flappers do well at the polls.
  10. The Great BIG redundancy thread!

    This is what I am hoping. It looks like my job will go in the spring so I am going to take the opportunity to build up a tiny little business I have been running on the side. But as I am not the main salary earner in our family it feels ok. I know that wouldn’t be the case if we really depended on my salary.
  11. Sunday Politics voxpop

    Yes good point.
  12. Homeless chlidren

    Thanks, the excellent page 94, I hadn't found that episode. I will listen.
  13. Sunday Politics voxpop

    I guess it’s difficult to imagine a situation where house prices come down significantly, but other areas of the economy remain healthy while it is happening, with no major increase in unemployment. It would need to be a slow shift rather than a situation where ‘the whole lot crashes’ so house prices can then fall. But the man in the Vox Pop segment wasn’t claiming to have a well thought out thesis to be fair to him.
  14. Maybe they showed other capital which would cover the value of the loan?