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  1. The house was on for far more than it was ever worth. This happens all the time in any market good or bad, some people try it on then reduce the price. It does not men a genuine fall in prices. It is like Tesco putting milk up to £5 a pint then reducing it to 0.45 when no one buys at that price.
  2. At what price will HPC people buy at ?

    "£80,000 is my magic number. At present it just about stretches to a studio flat...I'd like a 2 bedroomed flat or even better, a freehold house." You will always rent then
  3. "Seemed to me like a figure plucked out of thin air by the mortgage co. Electric heating and open plan kitchen & living room aside, it's quite nice but isn't worth £188k in my opinion." And what do you do for a living that makes you an expert?
  4. How reliable are Zoopla estimates?

    "You house is worth whatever the DEBTpushers can get the plebs to borrow for it. Plus a bit more for green window frames obviously" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. "If fibs were told, the investors will be seeking compensation, which will no doubt end up in the courts. This sordid business will be laid wide open for all to see. I doubt overseas buyers will touch the UK again for a long time :-)" no they wont - caveat emptor applies here
  6. Go to Oxford. Prices are still rising there and much of that is fuelled by buyers moving from London. Not all of London is having a bad time. Certainly areas suite as Battersea Nine Elms, Fulham have seen huge numbers of flats built in recent years and flats in those areas are hard to sell. Houses in London are not hard to sell as most of the new build have been huge flat developments and there are still people who want to buy a house in London. Areas such as Bromley are still busy as are Islington, Stamford Hill, Highgate and Hampstead and others.
  7. would not touch nandos - cheap rubbish and full of chavs.
  8. No suprise i live in a small market town with 21 restaurants. So many people think owning a food outlet is easy. It is not and peo;ple only have so much money. Equally, I and 3 mates rang the ,local very good curry house a few weeks ago to check that we would be ok to go in at 8>30 on a Tuesday evening andf were told we would need to be there by 7 as he was fully booked. True enough by 8.30 there was not a spare table and the place was buzzing.
  9. Wage inflation

    Dorkins Who's afraid of the 'be careful what you wish for' trolls? Members 10,319 posts Report post Posted Friday at 06:43 PM Yes it's boomtime in the trolling industry. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as you like just because you are not valued a work it does not mean others are not
  10. Wage inflation

    I have just given all my employees a 5% rise and increased the sales team bonus when they hit target. Company is doing well so I can afford to reward those who work for me.
  11. "The only thing that tempts me to Corbyn and even though I know it's like voting for a scorched earth scenario is that Corbyn will go for the top 1%, bankers and will build no matter what happens to property values." But then you wont be able to afford a can of beans tax will be 99% of the salary to house all the immigrants he will let in
  12. "Click on the house" thread?

    I would have thought Estate Agents block this site on the work internet?" No I just cannot get why people do not have better things to do in their own life - wierd
  13. Housing - it's a global problem

    "Scarcity of land where??? There is no scarcity of land in England for building new houses to meet demand if there was the political will. Instead we preserve it so the rich can have nice views and so their daughters can ride ponies." ignorant rubbish many not wealthy peopkle enjoy walking and walking holidays. It is also an attraction for many tourists who come here. have you been to Hong Kong and Singapore and seen what congested living is like? The problem is overpopulation fuelled by immigration. Personally our wildlife such as bees butterflies hedgehogs are far more important to me than covering the UK with cheap houses for immigrants
  14. Everything's great.

    fine so dont whine about it and just enjoy your life
  15. Everything's great.

    " Stores closing in my town at rapid pace, River Island closed without any warning last week, been there for 20+ years, I immediately searched on the net, nothing. I think retail is a lot worse than they are letting on." come on, every news broadcast is about how much shopping is done on the web now. Those who go on about shops closing never mention how much internet business s increasing.