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  1. "Increasing the minimum wage just encourages automation, and besides, any increase to a worker's wage will enable their landlord to extract more rent from them." Companies exist to make a profit - it should be obvious to anyone that if staff costs go up that companies will reduce labour costs in any way they can asap
  2. This will not affect the housing market. People on minimum wage from the EU are not house buyers This is however a portent of things to come as AI takes away 1000's of low paid jobs
  3. BUTOLEECH "Explain how I can fix the national housing crisis on my own, in a reasonable time-frame, without persuading the electorate to change their vote.So to be clear: option A is sit around and wait for the people who are causing the problem to fix the problem.What is option B?Thanks. How about stop whinging and get on with it like we all have to?
  4. So it is just a matter of opinion
  5. hardly big news on line retails are increasing market share retail outlets are losing theirs
  6. They just wont stop....

    I thought Count was going to stop coming on after being trolled by PM? Addicted !
  7. I would just make degrees in things like IT maths science medicine subjects that are of use to the nation free all the worthless courses such as social studies media studies film studies etc paid for by the student at a higher figure
  8. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consumer-affairs/does-estate-agencys-claim-millennials-could-save-33k-five-years/ hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  9. Rental question: Fair cost to replace a lock?

    I think: 1 it is not your responsibility locks do degrade over time and cheaper locks more so. This is just normal wear and tear which is not your responsibility. 2 the costs are ridiculous. it is difficult to buy a patio door lock at more than £60 plus vat. As for labour many locksmiths work weekend at no additional charge - also of you were to be responsible or the cost he should have made you aware On both counts tell him to get lost if the money is taken from your deposit go to small claims court v the agent
  10. 1/3 have no Pension Savings

    How many younger people are saving at all other than in NEST I have put 10% into my pension since the day i started work but I do not know anyone else who does that Also how many people just are unable to afford to save anything as they struggle to make ends meet This is a long term problem I also wonder how many migrant who have come to the uk save into a pension and think the state will support them
  11. Jezza will give us all everything for free. The day he gets in i will leave my job and live on benefits - life will be utopia ! Get In JEZ BABY !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Trolling by private message

    i thought you were leaving?