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  1. Back to 75p. Wonder what’s on the horizon....
  2. Rinse and repeat every story rhwt guy ever comes out with! Hahaha
  3. Red Door Venture / Newnham council

    Credit, plain and simple. The more people are allowed, the more they’ll take.
  4. Red Door Venture / Newnham council

    Seriously count, your surprises by this ?
  5. This! Stop the weekly 5 pound takeout and your 20 quid a month iPhone and you'll be able to get on the ladder lol!
  6. Kingston Upon Thames

    Perhaps giving up work and switching to Alcoholism is the answer. I really true see no point to it anymore. lol
  7. Kingston Upon Thames

    Ah, same as the last one i posted albeit with a different agent, same obscene price though!
  8. Kingston Upon Thames

    longgone will surely like this one: crazy!
  9. For the first time in years, i am seeing real nominal falls. Granted, not much yet (5%) but it's a start! (South East / Surrey)
  10. Someone call me when the real falls start. I have some gloating to do
  11. PB still has a way to go given it's 300% up on last year !
  12. London House prices are being battered !!!

    We can but pray!
  13. That graph puts it all into perspective!
  14. Kingston Upon Thames

    Scary thing is that it looks cheap based on some of the crap I've seen recently. Just registered red for the self build register