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  1. The AA

    There are 1 of 100000 companies in the same scenario debt wise. I'll be amazed if the financial system survives the coming debt crisis let alone GBP.
  2. Him and Khan would make quite the pair....
  3. I'm thinking the only way out for the government is epic wage inflation. Anything else is just, well pointless.
  4. Worry not, I'm also an apparent troll. Of course, the fact the count was calling for a crash in 07 prior to the doubling of prices and tripling in some areas is neither here nor there.... PS. I'd still vote for economic Armageddon.
  5. How Long...

  6. Spoke to a guy i used to know recently who has mortgaged himself to the hilt for his place. His answer when pressed about how he'll afford it long term... "I'll release equity in a few years when it's gone up".
  7. How Long...

    I put an offer in recently on the basis that the mortgage would equal the rent and at a shorter term than usual will allow me to clear it in less than normal timescales. As above, the market can stay far more irrational than you could ever imagine. I saw BTL mortgages earlier back at 2% on a five year fix albeit it with 2K arrangement fees.
  8. If I had a pound for every time I'd heard this, I'd be a multi millionaire!
  9. Stay tuned, if it stops prices falling, then that's next before anything else!
  10. We've still got MIRAS before any crash. Sure to push it another 20-30%!
  11. Kingston Upon Thames

    Sure I’ve seen that listed before somewhere.
  12. This doesn't my surprise me in the slightest. Having sat on the sidelines for the last few years I've given up as I don't want to spend the good years of my life renting or living with folks so have begun making offers. Given the 10yr fixed rate options it's a good option for me personally. It it would cost me 400-500 per month more renting in comparison. #dontshootthemessenger
  13. McCann police ask for more funding

    Such BS. Don't see why the public purse should continue to fork out for this.