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  1. MSM anti landlord articles

    Smart BTLers are already over the hill and far away
  2. MSM anti landlord articles

    I've had seven UK landlords and only one of those was a bit of a prat, the rest were fine. However in fairness I've always been in the higher end of the market, the prat was the the landlord of the cheapest flat I've ever rented.
  3. London House prices are being battered !!!

    Damn, by either of your definitions I'm an Alt
  4. I call slow bank run.

    How does equity release perform if we get HPC, could the lender be in negative equity?
  5. Aberdeen, Aspc Stats

    The oil industry in Aberdeen is probably in permanent decline, but in other places it's doing fine. When work dried up in Aberdeen and Norway I just took a job in London, one big advantage of renting..
  6. women as victims

    Perhaps they were training for a possible Scottish war of independence?
  7. Migration watch on housing

    People stealing jobs from machines, it'll all end in tears.
  8. Carillion in Crisis

    And again: Carillion shares plunge after profit warning Carillion shares have sunk 30% after the construction firm issued another profit warning and said it expected to breach financial covenants. The firm said slower asset sales and delays to a Middle East project meant profits would be below expectations. Carillion, which is in a consortium building part of the £56bn H2 high-speed rail link, said it was in talks on a potential recapitalisation. The news follows separate profit warnings issued in July and September. In its latest update, interim chief executive Keith Cochrane said: "Whilst we continue to target cash collections, reduce costs, execute disposals and focus on delivering for our customers, it is clear that significant challenges remain and more needs to be done to reduce net debt and rebuild the balance sheet."Carillion said profits for this year would be "materially lower than current market expectations", and it now expected average net borrowing in 2017 to be between £875m and £925m. "Based on its latest forecasts... the board now expects a covenant breach as at 31 December 2017," it said. In July this year, shares in Carillion plunged after it had to set aside £845m in provisions and its chief executive, Richard Howson, stepped down. Following the latest warning, the company's shares have now fallen by about 90% this year. "Some investors might think this is the end, but Carillion is too big to fail", said Neil Wilson, an analyst at ETX Capital. "Government intervention is possible but this is a nightmare for ministers at such a sensitive moment for the economy". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42022956
  9. Swedish housing boom now over

    Norway is similar, I lived in Oslo for 10 years and they had HPI then HPC twice in that period. Unlike the UK house loans get tax relief so people keep topping them up. This leads to an asset rich cash poor society. Oh and due to the currency fluctuations Guinness was the equivalent of £11 a pint at one stage .
  10. Land registry UP again 0.4%

    There was a crash in house prices in Aberdeen in the period 1985-1988 due to a rapid rise in unemployment and wage cuts caused by a drop in oil prices. Prior to that period Aberdeen prices were on a par with London.