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    Actually all he has not to do is deny he'll raise interest rates.
  2. I'm not sure the Government will feel obliged to prop up BMW, Mercedes, VAG, General Motors, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat etc. etc. especially after brexit.
  3. Unless of course there's anything they can hit you for with extra charges, excess mileage, damage, etc, etc. I foresee an increase in the number of people being hit with questionable extra charges for minor marks etc. to help make up any shortfall in the car's value.
  4. If the car is worth less than the agreed value the "buyer" gets nothing and the lender takes a "loss" on the rest.
  5. Most of the Battersea off plan "buyers" (£2000 holding deposit followed by two 10% payments at certain stages) were from Malaysia, China and Singapore, good luck with chasing them through the courts.
  6. I can see that the number of personal bankruptcies is on the increase but can't find any figures for the number of IVA's, I take it tptb don't want them registered to calm the masses.
  7. In theory when the product reaches our definition of what we want it should only be replaced when necessary (faulty, damaged etc) at which point demand and therefore prices should start to fall. Apple get round this by upgrading the operating system, I see their latest ploy is to drop support for 32bit Apps. This will only buy them a little time until people get fed up of being mugged.
  8. Debt is just another form of slavery, a bit like Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons" Banks are the modern "Company Store"
  9. That was true but is getting less so as time goes by. The product can only keep selling on it's evolution until it reaches the buyers definition of perfection, after that it becomes a fashion item and the demand loses all logic.
  10. Could be a start: Rogue Cambridge landlords face £30,000 fines in strict crackdown Private landlords who break the law and leave tenants in poor accommodation could be hit by sweeping new fines. After a change in the law, Cambridge City Council is getting new powers to impose 'financial penalties' against rogue landlords, rather than prosecute them when they suspect an offence has been committed. Offences that could now lead to a fine include: Failure to comply with an improvement notice issued by the council, such as instructing a landlord to carry out remedial work; Failure to license houses in multiple occupation (HMO) or failing to comply with licence conditions; Contravening an overcrowding notice issued by the council when more individuals than the permitted number are occupying a habitable room or rooms within an HMO The council says the size of the fine will be calculated on a "case by case basis using a matrix system to rate the severity of the offences committed by the landlord and their culpability." A spokesman said: "The same standard of proof will be required for the council to impose a financial penalty as it would be if a case were to be prosecuted at the magistrates’ court. "If a landlord was given two financial penalties under this legislation in any 12 month period in any location, the council could enter their name in a national database of rogue landlords when this is made available for use by local authorities." http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/rogue-cambridge-landlords-face-30000-13646108
  11. However the entity supplying the service can be handed over to the residents, usually as a limited company where every apartment has a share(s). the owners can then agree among themselves what gets done and what the service charge will be. Of course this never works smoothly.
  12. I suspect some of those Zombie Firms are banks.