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  1. Terrible way to live - overcrowded

    I’m the last of my mates.. everyone else’s has left! Only staying for the mother in law and a few old folks.. once they are gone I’m off.. God knows what London will become.
  2. You might be right.. In April Bloomberg News, drawing on a report by the US federal mortgage corporation Freddie Mac, investigated the possibility that climate breakdown could cause a collapse in real estate prices in Florida. It looked only at the impact of sea-level rise – hurricanes were not considered. It warned that a bursting of the coastal property bubble “could spread through banks, insurers and other industries. And, unlike the recession, there’s no hope of a bounce back in property values.” The sigh of relief from insurers and financiers when Hurricane Irma, whose intensity is likely to have been enhanced by global heating, changed course at the last minute could be heard around the world. This year, for the first time, three of the five global risks with the greatest potential impact listed by the World Economic Forum were environmental; a fourth (water crises) has a strong environmental component. If an economic crisis is caused by the environmental crisis, it will be the second crash in which Ridley will have played a part.
  3. I think it's more likely with beds in sheds and a lack of UK law more than half don't pay any tax anyway for the squalor they provide..
  4. Greedy land owners annoy me, everyone forgets that if you historically own land through inheritance at some point your family were slavers, they persicuted the poor and took from settlers to line their pockets.. we should have a South Africa style land repatriation, just go round punching rich toffs and stealing their farms.. that's how they got them in the first place.. id pay money to see Rupert and cuthbert downgraded to 15th story council flat.. 😂 The poor are starving, let them eat cake.. i joke of course..
  5. Kaboom - $14Trn of Hidden Offshore Debt Uncovered

    We are now told another crash would create bail ins, depositors would take hair cuts over 85k protected savings, share holders would also get screwed. The bankers would get another bonus.. blame it on the greedy poor, more cuts to services.. all back to one of their 10 houses for tea and cake, job done..
  6. My great aunt votes Tory, because she has always voted Tory! My family say I talk about politics too much.. I always say it's not that I talk about too much it's that everyone does not talk about it enough.. if they did they would know what's going on and we might actually have a half decent country..
  7. My reason to believe in a house price crash is this: What happens when generation rent retire? Who pays the rents? Who pays the retirement home cost when they have no money/assets to sell? I think there has to be some point of collapse simply because the government can't pay for everyone.. so it's mass poverty or collapse or both.. I don't see cupcakes and rainbows with these rent prices..
  8. I've sold to rent, mainly as the jump from flat to house is about 250k + have 3 kids so my flat was too small, would have required a 300k + mortgage for something I would actually want to live in.. unless we moved tup north or stay in a 2 bed flat we did not have much choice.. i am still saving after paying rent.. but would need house prices to recede or collapse to make up my deposit.. 300k mortgage at top of the market was too scary!
  9. Kaboom - $14Trn of Hidden Offshore Debt Uncovered
  10. It's total corruption from our government.. there are loads of articles about all the no good thieving MP's are doing.. housing is the single biggest problem in this country, not wages, raise wages and landlords just put their prices up and take away your raise.. lower house prices/rent and everyone in the long run will be better off.. more disposable income means the government could raise taxes, pay down the deficit, improve schools hospitals and infrastructure. high house prices stifle U.K. Growth by stopping entrapenuers, business startups and stopping people taking chances with self improvement.. i think they could be the most destructive thing within our economy..
  11. The countries going down, nothing to do with Brexit.. Europe is going down, everything to do with the EU. Migrant crisis, forced quotas , Euro wrecking economies.. before we bailed the banks it was $2 to £1 or 56p to €1.. the elites have destroyed the £ not Brexit.. if the elites want to stop Brexit then that proves it's a good thing.. anything they want from mass immigration to wars, to arms sales to the third world.. everything is motivated by greed.. so if they want it stopped it must be a good thing..
  12. Catalonia indipendance referendum Austria far right and centre right coalition most likely outcome Germany merkle looks set for a win but a possible coalition on the cards. Italy far right want to bring back currency.. all this whilst North Korea want to nuke us all.. and people worry about Brexit.. 😂
  13. The Housing Crisis....100 years on...

    It's all the MP's second jobs, that's how money is pumped from the private sector into their pockets.. £650k mr Osbourn for 1 days work a week.. bullsocks wonder how the crackdown is coming along.. they should all be in prison by now..
  14. How do you raise rents when everyone is skint and benafits are going down? we already have problems with key workers affording rent in London, I have spoken to a postman and a nurse who both told me they work to exist not to live.. not a wide survey I did but hey I bet they are not the only 2 out there..
  15. crisis builder Carillion

    Same in all areas of business, seems to be consultants and sub contractors reaping the rewards, NHS is being raped by agencies.. 2 billion of our 12 billion foreign aid goes to consultants not those in need.. wonder what qualification you need to be a consultant, best friends, mate of a mate, family member?