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  1. 17bn deficit in academia pension fund

    Their pensions must cover their rent? I doubt ours will.. maybe a sprite caravan on the white cliffs of Dover teetering on the edge of an aroding cliff will be the best we can hope for.. laying at night trying not to shart yourself due to your 3rd tin of economy beans..
  2. 17bn deficit in academia pension fund

    10 years of record low interest rates, good for asset bubbles, terrible for pensions.. the young are going to get screwed in so many ways, no home, no state pensions, rubbish private pensions, university fees and trillions of £’s in government debt they will have to pay back through higher taxes, with stagnant wages, collapsing services, ecological disasters all fuelled by greed.. 💩 We need riots, and we need them now!
  3. MSM anti landlord articles

    If you partition a 2 bed flat into 15 rooms of course the walls will be thin.. 💩
  4. Javid on Sky News right now

    It’s not accident the migrant crisis from Africa.. its no accident Merkel inviting everyone.. Europe and the UK have not been reproducing fast enough to feed the corporations. In fact allot of countries had falling populations.. they have had posters encouraging people to reproduce.. as for the.. we need young people due to an aging population nonsense.. omg this is a deliberate act of the elite.. it’s all about money.. money is an invention.. it’s all lies and greed.. i think now more than ever I hear people say “who would want to bring a child into this evil world” i realise this means the nice people will stop reproducing, leaving only the scum/stupid to pop out 10 kids.. won’t be much of a world if that happens. Imagine all the little politically correct James O’Brien’s running around whilst being stabbed by the people they are defending..
  5. Javid on Sky News right now

    Steven Hawkins “The planet will be destroyed because of overpopulation” 50% of the planets remaining species will be wiped out by 2100.. air travel will become more dangerous in the next 50 years due to climate change food shortage, sea rising, millions dying because of air pollution.. what are you talking about you don’t have to have abandoned towns.. knock them down and plant trees.. lovely best, happiest countries in the world are those with less people are more green open spaces..
  6. All they do is steel and lie, 2nd jobs in the sectors over which they reside, BTL properties, voting against making homes fit for human habitation.. funded by house builders, giving billions of tax payers debt! To house builders and banker chums, David Cameron’s best mate is a land banker.. it’s just greed and corruption.. has anyone got guyfalks number on speed dial? I’ve got a large gunpowder display I would like him to ignite for me..
  7. You can’t fix anything unless you close the boarders.. the migrant crisis will continue to accelerate until the next French election when LePen gets in.. that would stop the intolerable EU in their tracks, although Austria already has a Nazi coalition.. Italy in 2018 so see what happens there.. but our boarders are our own and they must close.. population increase makes the country worse..
  8. Do renters pay twice?

    Government will spend £26 billion on housing benefit this year. 3 times what we spend on roads, £8 billion more than the entire police budget and close to what we spend every year on educating more than four million pupils in 20,000 primary schools. its worse than just BTL steeling houses, they are steeling public services that effect us all, including them! If they ever get attacked in the street, burgled, require hospital treatment.. I bet they would be the first to complain about colapsing services, whilst taking the money away that those services so desperately need to enrich themselves..
  9. Javid on Sky News right now

    But we have 1 million people moving here every 3 years? + births.. before immigration reproduction was 1.9, our population was falling YAY 😁 best thing ever! it wont make a dent! , drop 100’000 million tons of cement on the UK from the edge of space.. that should just about sort the problem! We don’t need trees, or land to grow food, or air.. they are overrated.. capitalist never ending expansion to infinity is the only solution for a happy life! When my journey to work starts taking 6 hours a day only then will I be truly happy! Who needs life.. debt/work/travel is so much fun.. need I push my point further!
  10. Javid on Sky News right now

    £2 billion of our £12 billion foreign aid goes straight to consultants before a penny is skimmed by corrupt foriegn governments. bet the consultants are mates of MP’s lets remind ourselves of mr Javid’s families multi million £ property empire.. is he going to go after his families property portfolio? 😂 I think not!
  11. Do renters pay twice?

    That’s fine but the problem I see is generation rent retire in abject poverty.. will pensions cover the cost of rent? I think not! Current housing cost to the tax payer.. £25 billion per year and rising.. when the generation rent come to retire? £100 billion in topups? Mass homelessness? Where does it lead us with current interest rates destroying savings, and rents outstripping any pension anyone could hope to receive.. what about care homes, funerals, health care? I think generation rent is more than just a problem, I think it’s a humanitarian disaster!
  12. So it occurred to me that since the tax payer bailed the banks, and the term funding scheme lends money to banks against tax payer debt at near 0% interest rates. The renter is not only paying the mortgage, but will also be clobbered by the debt from all the money given to the banks.. that same debt is the money the BTL investors are using to mortgage all their properties. so in years to come if you ever do get a house, you will still be paying for the BTL record low interest rates through higher taxes and poorer services? its unbelievable what scum these bankers and MP’s are! 😡
  13. Lbc Iain dale, Bank of England

    Lbc Clive bull 8:00pm to 9:00pm young people waste money that’s why they can’t afford a house! Says estate agent.. Worth a listen on lbc catchup app!
  14. Have you ever lived in a multi cultural area? I have had a knife thrusted at me, been locked in a nightclub because of a gun fight in the car park (Atlantis Croydon)... seen gangs throwing each other over my car bonnet.. I’m fedup with being told how enriching it all is by the polical class on TV.. I’m told to celebrate.. gun crime, knife crime, fgm, honour killings, acid attacks, forced arranged marriage, gang violence, segregation, religion, overpopulation, increase pollution, increased journey times and collapsing services. I feel so enriched! adding more people will make the country worse! I don’t care about the economy, it’s for the rich not the working.. so leave the EU and close the boarders to everyone.. I really could not care less.. steven Hawkins said the other day, we have about 600 years to find another planet as overpopulation has destroyed this one! Well done for caring about other people, you are such a better person than me.. I care about the 15 million trees we cut down each year, care about the sea full of plastic or unbreathable air according to the world health organisation, care about 50% of the worlds species being extinct by 2100.. care about something useful that will stop us destroying ourselves and our planet.. not about the stupid pointless invention that is the economy and mass importation of people to drive cheap labour.. that makes things a million times worse! We need to encourage less reproduction, and ditch capitalism that requires ever growing populations to buy ever pointless crap they don’t need!
  15. Currently you can only fit 15 people in a 2 bedroom bungalow.. building up will ease the housing crisis, possibly be able to double the figure with some stud partition walls and a bit of plasterboard.. add a toilet and a stove in the coridoor for luxury living..