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  1. We dont actually have to pay the £44 billion.. that’s just some corrupt deal by our corrupt leaders..
  2. Sajid Javid on Iain Dale LBC catch-up Thursday 1st hour about housing..
  3. If remain overturn Brexit I’m off anyway.. if we have open boarders I will use them to take my skills somewhere less sh!t.. London’s had it.. anymore people and the smouldering fuse will ignite..
  4. Like I’ve said many times.. more people = more poverty and eventually food shortages.. I could not care less about the EU, I just want ‘0%’ immigration to protect the environment and the people..
  5. Governor Mark Carney has warned that Brexit is acting as a shock to the supply side of the economy, and could continue to do so, prompting tighter monetary policy Nothing to do with 10 years of QE.. 😂 it’s Brexits fault..
  6. But.... if the council are increasing their stock, they are taking residents out of private rented thus reducing demand and lowering rental costs? or importing people from Calais having no effect on rental costs to the tax payer?
  7. Canada Raises Interest rates

    Did you read the bit about pulling out of the trade agreement as well.. there is plenty going on.. it’s hard to work out how quickly things will get bad.. or if this painful death will be dragged out for a few more years.. BOE says no rate rise.. ECB seems to be sticking to 0 as well.. Italian elections look very dicey for the EU.. like holes appearing in the Berlin Wall..
  8. A well run socialist system is the best we could have.. with powerful anti corruption and a much better wealth re distribution.. BUT we must control/reduce our population.. our population was in a natural decline until the elites decided to flood us with immigration.. for the economy/en richment of the elites, not to improve our standard of living.. that’s bull cr@p..
  9. Of course the Tories are not training enough doctors and nurses.. they are running the nhs and housing stock into the ground.. mass uncontrolled immigration is part of that plan.. helps speed up the collapse by accelerating pressure.. i still continue to try and make you understand our environment can’t take anymore people.. environmentalists are even saying when you include, food production, recreation and environmental damage we are FULL! If we continue to increase our population we are sleep walking into major environmental disaster.. but if a trade deal is more important than life itself I really can’t help you.
  10. Tony Blair wants Brexit cancelled, I’ve lived long enough to know Tony Blair only does what’s best for his wallet.. he will blow up or enslave anyone to make himself richer.. if he was cheering for Brexit I’d be a remainer as clearly it would be bad for the common Brit.. 😂
  11. At least if remainers get their way we will finally get proper air conditioned trains into London! 😂
  12. Thanks will read when I have a moment.. did read the other day we will be out of land by 2030 in the U.K. due to population increase demands. (That’s for everything not just housing) also read we have run out of grazing land due to meat consumption.. Still keep shoving them in.. look forward to telling the remainers about all the homeless starving families they have created.. economy rubbish they keep banging on about.. calling everyone a racist that questions their superior liberal intellect.. Dont tell them that 1 million people every 2 years is unsustainable.. the racist cry’s are deafening.. stay in they shout,, people will die but at least the economy for the richest 1% will be okay! So it will be worth it! 😂
  13. Frogs legs a British dish.. frogs legs found at Stonehenge dating more than 10’000 years.. long before the French ate them!
  14. I call this the future, South Africa to run out of water.. next it’s food.. maybe even energy.. coming to a shantytown near you.. no more people remaintards! You are trying to kill us all with your European brain washing.. close the boarders and reduce the population..
  15. Tounge in cheek.. resistance is futile.. we will be assimilated! Democracy has always been about keep voting on the same question till you give the answer they want.. Then we can start paying Italy’s bailout.. 😂 get a few million more migrants.. and everyone will become one big happy family.. or riot and kill each other.. whatever comes first..