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  1. I would imagine that as many councils are set up as corporate entities, a manslaughter charge might work against them.
  2. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    The real problem... it wasn't about the nail.
  3. The War Sweepstake Thread

    Carriers don't usually go alone at night. They have all sorts of colleagues with them to screen for all sorts of threats. Still... it might be worth figuring out the main competition for the south Korea dominated industries and having a small investment.
  4. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Since we've slipped into full pension mode... All of you moaning about going into the higher tax thresholds should read the fine print whichbubless it has changed says the relief on pension contributions is at you highest rate of tax. So if you earn 1£ over the 40% rate then you can't get all £40k of your contributions at full relief. Which means you effectively put 68k in... Been a while since I looked. Maybe they changed it. But pensions certainly used to favour the high earners.
  5. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Punching chaps?
  6. Trump v. GCHQ

    Here's a question for the die hard fan... What if something did happen that night but was successfully suppressed in the media... But the wh knew about it.
  7. Not entirely sure you are thinking about the same thing.
  8. SJW meltdown

  9. It's the gods. It was God. It's the devil. It's a ghost. It's aliens.
  10. Free Heroin from Police

    For those wondering about the legality... well what about all those kiddie porn sites the police run as honey traps?
  11. SJW meltdown

    Now substitute Public School Elite for Japanese and we might start getting somewhere
  12. Curiously when they were so keen on saying how rape is rape when it applies to white guys with embassy residences, but not when it applies to place with a high immigration level. Tldr? Fairly sensible account of why the sex crime stats in Sweden look so much higher than elsewhere. Sadly only published so they can try to say it's not the immigration at fault.
  13. SJW meltdown

    Oh you poor thing. Did you know in advance he was a feminist or did you only find out after the wedding?
  14. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    But a couple of hundred quids worth of dinner drinks and theatre is just fine right?