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  1. 3 millennials on a train

  2. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    IMHO This is an incredibly tedious and boring thread!
  3. Why do so many doctors go into BTL?

    Or welsh (Dr Rosalind Beck!) lol
  4. Affordable homes crash 50% in price

    Reading the article it says that it is the number of builds that has reduced by 50% not the value. Also an explaination as to why this has happened would have been the massive over-investment in the Olympics in 2012 which required a relocation of people from the slums in east lond and similar places around the country to make way for the horrid ghettos that exist now in places such as Ilford or stratford
  5. I know these properties and they are drug infested dens and no one will touch them with a bargepole
  6. Quick summary Sold 113 Unsold 85 No Bids 3 Mean Average selling price of those that Sold at the rostrum £153,888 Median Selling Price £55,000 No Sold within price brackets 0-10000 24 10001-50000 30 50001-100000 18 100001-250000 17 250001-500000 16 500001-750000 1 750001-1000000 5 >1000001 2 The astonishing thing here is I would have expect the distribution curve to be weighted towards the middle of the prices rather at the lower end in previous auctions
  7. September auction is now well underway. once again plenty of unsold properties.
  8. has he finally decided to go to the auction with a few places? lots 60 - 78
  9. Nationwide HPI(Aug 17) -0.1%

    depends how much the previous month is adjusted by. Massaging the figures!
  10. Astonishing news from Islington Council. They noticed that landlords of students are not declaring the correct category of tenant during non-term times, thus the landlord has possibly been evading council. To combat this they have introduced a rule that sounds like every landlord in the borough MUST submit a WEEKLY notice of what type of tenant they have occupying their property!!! Administrative nightmare the Landlords say, shouldn't be too long before the admin gets too much and not worth the hassle and they sell up! wowza!!!
  11. Nationwide HPI(Aug 17) -0.1%

    I thought that if prices decline on shared ownership, your equity takes the hit if prices decline and the other 'owner' still retains 100% of their portion? does anyone know any different?
  12. Britons Spend P P I Cash

    A friend of mine works for a major bank in their PPI section, apparently there are a lot of people still claiming and some getting really quite substantial amounts back.
  13. sorry count, I trawled through all 10,957,423 posts on this thread but must have missed this one!
  14. if they had to pay back ppi for 3 years at £70 million contribution to revenue per annum i.e. approx. £210 million plus 8% interest that would certainly make a dent in the liquidity of the bank