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  1. Barratt Developments agree to pay fire safety costs Barratt Developments to pay for fire safety related costs in a building they developed, relieving the building’s leaseholders of this burden.
  3. also remove all those artificial transactions where a btl owner has setup and sold to their own ltd company to mitigate section 24 tax
  4. Fancy a 6bed house in Avon for just £25? tw@ts
  5. Gov't have released this publication this morning.
  6. omg was he the voices of bungle, Geoffrey and zippy?
  7. Agenda 21

    that's a bit caustic...if threads are meant to be a place to attack people on the basis that they want to be thought provoking then I you sure have the right idea, however I didn't mean to upset you. I had never heard of A21 before the other night, frankly I thought it all sounded as mad as the march hare but it was thought provoking, and I wanted other peoples opinions as to what they thought, so don't be rude and discuss. If you don't wish to discuss, then you don't have to read this.
  8. Agenda 21

    Got talking to a friend and he told me about the attempts by the UN to reduce the population of Earth from 7bn to 500million along with the carbon emission mullarky. Made me wonder if the herding of human sheeple into the box pens in London and other cities is being facilitated through the taxation such as section 24 "Tenant Tax" not to mention the redistribution of wealth. It felt to me that Agenda 21 needs house prices to stay high so that people cant afford their own houses and they don't reproduce. Got me thinking!
  9. Blow me down with a feather... unrealistic vendors being slated for housing crisis...
  10. Received Email this morning from BM. Staggered by the headline numbers... April 16th Auction Sale, Lots Offered YTD Up 35% to 465 compared to same period last year... mind you there has been a massive amount of relisting due to not selling in the previous auction and a lot of those rubbish plots sold off as potential developments for 10s of thousands 10 years ago and are now going to pennies now because they are in my opinion a con, however,this level of increase could also imply that a lot of LL's are flogging quickly before the April deadline to avoid going into the new Tax year of fun times with Section 24 Taxation...amongst other things.
  11. market research

    saw this link on property tripes and thought I would be helpful with the research.
  12. according to which hpi? accadata right move Halifax land registry nationwide Hmrc rice people by the the water cooler my granddad 118propertytripe? or hpc?
  13. property tripe's lot are squealing i can't honestly believe what I am reading in there, unless they have tonnes of trolls they must really be panicking
  14. Rightmove Hidden HPI Report feb 18

    furthermore it was released over the weekend. Even more sneaky
  15. ok so not necessarily hidden but it took some digging around to find this report, and appears for good reason, london is in a sea of blood red...