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  1. Reeds Rains, 2011, made me pay 6 months upfront AND pay an extra £50 to have my guarantor credit checked. What for when they got the cash anyway. Unfortunately I was naive back then, took me a further few years to realise I'd been conned.
  2. Lagarde in Davos looks positively jaundiced.
  3. All the hot countries where their young outnumber their old.
  4. 'Official figures show... Hahahaha
  5. What is the discussion? Vast inequality is bad for the individual and society at large and has been since time immemorial. Just because some stingy snobs are ignoring this truth doesn't make their anxieties worthy of any inspection. The end.
  6. The darkest hour is right before the dawn.
  7. No of places to rent in my area been steadily climbing since November though...still plenty of enthusiasm for BTL out there.
  8. F king hell that list is insane. No.14 for one is technically illegal as well - the tenant has the final say under the law of who comes into their home; access is at their discretion so they cannot be fined for 'failing to provide it', horrible people. I bet banks have been looking on jealously, wondering how EAs get away with charging all these fees!
  9. Wake me up when it starts affecting rents...
  10. Don't care about race representation, I understand the advertisers want to appeal to all. There's plenty of mixed race families and millions of Muslims they can't afford to ignore. It's when they feature gays as normal families that pisses me off. Like that American advert that featured two men as husband + husband and everyone was saying it was cool but I just thought it was gross.
  11. You are correct. I have read studies actually that showed throat infections were more likely to clear up when a hot drink with sugar or honey in it was drunk. The same effect was not found in a hot drink with no sugar nor with artificial sweeteners. Treacle, I believe, also used to be considered a medicine. The problem is when we refine it and have it in everything. I bought pickled gherkins the other day for the first time . They are supposed to be savoury I thought but there was so much sugar in the liquid I wasn't sure whether to have them in a sandwich or for dessert. Sugar as a standard ingredient in everything will mess up our taste buds.
  12. http://mobile.the-scientist.com/article/48001/superbug-resistant-to-every-antibiotic-in-the-u-s-killed-nevada-woman The golden days of infection control are over.
  13. Has anyone noticed how the Morrison's adverts are ripping off the previous Marks and Spencer Food ones. Really pathetic when adverts copy each other.
  14. I can't believe people are still treating BTL like an investment. How long before it becomes common knowledge that it's toxic??