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  1. A CI paid for by a LVT. Yes. Tell them to get that manifesto updated pronto.
  2. I find giving up the offending thing more effective than doing something extra, whatever it may: caffeine, junk food, high heels, late nights, smoking, drinking, toxic relationships etc. Identify it and get rid. This is surely the essence of CBT.
  3. Jeremy puts his principles ahead of being popular. This is something we need in a PM. A grown up in charge for a change.
  4. David Cameron, much as I loathe him, always struck me as someone who was happily married. Despite their son's death and the stress of being in the public eye they both seemed genuinely happy together. I wonder what the secret is.
  5. Didn't both Hitler and Mussolini work as journalists before they eventually found their calling? People like being lied to it seems.
  6. Imagine what a different place this would be if Churchill had got his LVT. Just imagine...
  7. What are tenants then? Stuff to consume?
  8. Maybe that's the monthly amount you're looking at. LHA is £65.65 a week where I live for under 35s. It can't be that different in the rest of the country.
  9. Stream of Chinese investors dried up?
  10. Yee-hah.
  11. Surely a hpc will give them a lot of business as everyone rushes to sell at once. That should turn their fortunes around.
  12. I still don't believe a hpc will lead to increased unemployment.
  13. Just found out that this is the term for why my eyes have always looked odd, as if I'm not really there. Some people say I'm creepy sometimes. Apparently it's related to low kidney energy/chi and bodily imbalance. What is the cure? Apart from a very long sleep and extended fasting. I want to look normal.
  14. Just read the article. Bloody hell this country is broken.