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  1. Don't we already have this going on in UK?
  2. I think the bullies at school who stole your lunch money then hit you when you complained are the ones who all grew up to be BTL landlords. I'm convinced of it.
  3. I still feel poor though.
  4. That is impressive. Fees ban not even agreed in Wales yet but I'm seeing a fair few places saying no or half-priced fees in order to get the place let so it looks like it's coming in via the back door.
  5. I don't believe it.
  6. Institutions are not the answer to anything. Not sure what is. Maybe citizens income will allow more people to care for relatives themselves. That's if they want to in the first place. I've heard it said that the English are the least family- oriented people on earth.
  7. Let's have a landlord category and see how many of them there are amongst us.
  8. That is actually quite creepy.
  9. If you have a mortgage technically you are renting to buy. IO mortgages are a form of renting IMO.
  10. ...promise to do better tomorrow.
  11. Paris are trialling driverless shuttle buses; if successful hope to extend city-wide in next couple of years: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4148726/Paris-tests-electric-driverless-minibus-fight-pollution.html
  12. If you worked for BHS for 10 years and are now redundant and have to claim HB are you a scrounger or just unlucky? Maybe we should have HB claimants divided into worthy and non-worthy whilst we're at it.
  13. That's better. Can you delete my vote for renter so I can add it to lodger.
  14. Oh god couldn't they have worked this out in the 80s.
  15. No, I'm not recognised by the law as a tenant, I understand. Lodgers don't have the protections that tenants do. Same for people in temporary housing or hostels. I want 'homeless' as a category.