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  1. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Thorntons stopped being posh about 15yrs ago.
  2. Hard-pressed tenants need a union to stand up for their rights

    Mostly everybody renting and a few people owning everything is not capitalism it's feudalism.
  3. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    First to collapse in 2018? Prince Philip
  4. I'm not sure how it would be possible to experience it through each other's eyes. Landlords who have several properties cannot truly experience the horror of homelessness through retaliatory eviction. Nor do I think anybody wants to see how rentier scum enjoy themselves. The life of a landlord is pretty narrow: obtain property, paint over mould, put on market, tell potential tenant a load of lies, take a load of money in exchange for keys and some paperwork, establish yourself as the boss, evict them when they won't do as they're told, put property back on market, repeat ad nauseum. It's not equal; as if landlords and tenants are two sides in a conflict. The market is rigged and landlords hold the power. Since lots of MPs are landlords little will change. Like Plimsoll and his fight for regulation years ago in shipping, this was resisted because the MPs of his day were heavily invested in it. It'll take a nationwide united tenant protest or campaign like we had in the 1920s to force changes before anybody will be able to live in dignity as a tenant in this country again. You can help by making the documentary from the tenants' point of view since that is the viewpoint that is frequently missing from most media. Give tenants some encouragement to stand up for themselves. And we might just see some change.
  5. Brexit Poll

    We already have the best deal with the EU available.
  6. Why can't they just be put on ebay.
  7. Tory voters dying off at a rate of 2% a year

    A plague that disproportionately affected the old, hitting around about now would be fantastic.
  8. How to start a lettings agency

    Perhaps we should report them to trading standards. Running a con for sure
  9. UNFORTUNATELY this site appears NOT to be satire: https://www.lettings-opportunity.co.uk/news/how-to-start-a-letting-agency-on-a-shoestring-budget/
  10. Halifax June 17: MINUS 1%

    Massive difference in buying potential between boomers and millenials. Explain to me the 'choice' part of it.
  11. Land value tax and CI. Minimum wage to stay. Brexit stopped. Immigration capped. Remove pensions and benefits. Ban abortion and IVF and make adoption easier. Charge for GP appts. Make interest illegal again. Let the banks go bankrupt. Set up credit unions. Remove the monarchy and house of Lords. Stop giving landowners, the Church and companies subsidies. End tuition fees. Stop no fault evictions. Ban BTL. Cut the number of MPs and council staff. Close job centres. Remove council tax, inheritance tax and cut income tax for the middle and working class. Remove charity status for private schools. Get rid of trident. Scale back the army. Pay reparations for the empire. Put a tax on sugar. Encourage more home births and home schooling. Tightly regulate food quality, pesticide use and other abuse of the environment.
  12. Halifax June 17: MINUS 1%

    This is inaccurate. Benefit cuts are real time cuts. They cause hardship. £25 a week loss is a big loss when you haven't got much. Children are going hungry. Disabled people are losing their mobility vehicles. Homeless rates doubled since 2010. Benefits claimants are not to blame for the gig economy and zero hours contacts. There was almost total employment in the 70s, people haven't suddenly become lazy en masse - the economy and jobs market has radically changed. If 16 hrs are all you can get, that is not your fault.
  13. I lodged last year with a 27 year old who bought her sisters' old house (2 bed semi) in 2014 aged just 25. She was only able to buy thanks to a £20,000 deposit from her share of the inheritance after her father died. She probably got it easily since at the time she was working full time...but then her hours were cut and she had to get a lodger (me). Had no understanding of money, liked to flash the cash and was permanently in her overdraft, hadn't been in credit the whole time she had had the house. Still liked to boast about how hard she had worked to be able to buy at her age though, as if everyone else was lazy in comparison.