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  1. Carillion in Crisis

    Good. Let the darn thing go bust.
  2. Carillion in Crisis

    magic money tree to the rescue
  3. Guildford

    Gford is plummeting. Plenty of stock which has been on for over 6 months. Of course agents are sneaky, every so often they get taken off zoopla/rightmove, then back on after two weeks as a new listing. Gford is massively overpriced. I sympathise, I am getting on a bit with 3 kids, desperately needing to settle. But I am not prepared to make a great big mistake because I am desperate. Hold out, if you can. This baby is tanking.
  4. Homeless professionals ( well teachers )

    +1 totally agree. Those teaching maths with crap qualifications will plan lessons that are restrictive ie never go beyond the teachers own comfort/ability.
  5. Homeless professionals ( well teachers )

    Depends on the subject. A Maths teacher post has been advertised since September 2016 at my school, still not filled. The school has had to use supply merge classes, and now teaching 62 children in “lecture” format. They pay thousands in fees to advertise (TES a private company which rips off schools) and zero applications on many of the rounds I know two teachers who have left to go abroad, and two Maths teachers who have gone off to do Accountacy/Acturial training. south east is particularly bad for Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
  6. What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Stupid people- they think an item originally at £30 reduced to £15 in a typical next sale is a “saving of £15” sheer stupidity
  7. Having a bad one with them so far, I wired the money but they claim they haven’t received it, my bank insist they have. So they sent me emails asking for payment or debt collectors. They have not shipped anything yet. Hopefully they will check their accounts and it is sorted,
  8. Post Your Favourite Charts Here

    From ITM trading:
  9. Meanwhile the FTSE has reached another record high. Shameful and embarrassing
  10. Mortgate safety net disappearing

    Mortgage approvals lowest for a year
  11. PCP time bomb: why your next car could cost you dear

    Shares in South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries fell by more than a quarter on Wednesday, after investors reacted badly to plans to raise fresh funds. Hyundai, the world's top shipbuilder by sales, aims to raise about $1.2bn (£895m) by issuing new shares, diluting the value of existing stakes. It said the cash would mainly be used to bolster its ailing finances.
  12. “ sales are like a drug which retailers can't get off," she said. Despite this apparent addiction to discounting, 62% of people surveyed thought that constant sales devalued the brand of a shop....” from Great economic times.