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  1. This is the true danger of ZIRP, lower interest rates are supposed to encourage investors to move there money into risker investments (e.g. business loans) to get the economy moving, but past a certain point and you remove the incentive for fund managers to invest their funds at all, just park it in a super safe low tax property investment your investors won't mind as you at least ain't losing money like Joe Bloggs invested in a negative interest rate treasury bond.
  2. Are all these unsold newbuild flats paying council tax? If not why not? Is there a way to get this data through FOI requests to the council?
  3. I still don't see the appeal versus shared flats. Regardless of how efficiently they pack the space it's still less efficient than sharing a kitchen and bathroom between a number of rooms. What's driving these versus flatshares? Are we becoming more solitary? Or are these for those who struggle to find flatshares e.g. recent divorcees?
  4. Haha brilliant And for more comedy gold have you seen their website? https://www.barratthomes.co.uk/new-homes/greater-london/H680701-lombard-road/ I love how their default "affordability calculator" when you load shows at household income of £55k AND a whopping £180k equity loan from the taxpayer YOU STILL CAN'T EVEN AFFORD A 1 BED FLAT! but you can apparently get a 2.6% rental yeild... below inflation... whoop
  5. I have a search alert on the shared ownership portal sharetobuy for a 40min commute radius round Victoria station. Been seeing some strange activity recently, typically my budget limit has only thrown up 1 breeders, but 2 bidders seem to be coming up thick and fast now. And also the first time I have seen rent drops so prominently advertised: https://www.sharetobuy.com/sharedownershippropertydetails?id=22942&utm_source=property_details&utm_medium=showcase_properties_email&utm_campaign=Rent+reduction!+First+come+first+served!+-+2017%2F08%2F09+05%3A38%3A26 Wonder what the previous buyers in the development will think about paying a higher level of rent than newcomers? Has anyone seen anything similar in the shared ownership market? And does anyone have any tools they use to track it? So hard comparing things with the interplay of cost, rent and service charges
  6. Kitchen in the living room?

    I agree for a house, but personally seeing cramped tiny new build flats where half the space is then lost to dark pointless hallways drives me mad! You already have a communal hallway! You don't need a hallway off a hallway just open into the lounge and have the rooms off that, would be so much more efficient
  7. Simply unify council tax and business rates. Why should businesses pay based on the value of the property while a high powered exec for Amazon could work remotely from a million pound penthouse and pay a pittance in council tax. Ground floor of one Hyde Park place but saw iness rates = 250k. The top floor with single occupancy discount £2k in council tax... If people had to pay business rate levels by golly they'd make sure they were making use of the property
  8. The luxury of a "power shower" for over half a mil? AHAHAHAHAHA I expect a hell of alot more luxury for that amount of money than a f***ing shower! it might just be me but I always thought those things were normally considered basic necessities!
  9. Constantly coming up with new ways to keep the bubble inflated... This just came up on fb feed: https://joinstepladder.com/how-it-works.php Seems like a bizarre co-op type saving scheme. However by pooling everyone's default risk it seems Ponzi esque. If your the last one to get a deposit your potentially left holding the baby! Suprised it got FCA approval...
  10. Everything is a double tax. I earn an income and pay 40% I decide to hire an accountant and pay 40% again on the salary I have to pay them, Argh double tax! I earn an income and pay 40% I decide to use it to buy shares and have to pay stamp duty, Argh double tax! I then receive dividends on my investment and pay income tax again Argh triple tax! I sell in a year and then have to pay capital gains tax, Argh quadruple tax! I then I tears go to buy some handkerchiefs and have to pay VAT, Argh quintuple tax! Etc. Etc. Also I think this is a really interesting area of discussion, and though I disagree completely understand and sympathise with the criticisms of my viewpoint. Hence I find the hyperbole at the end of your post a bit distasteful. No need for moving into hostile territory please
  11. By 2020 you will have a 1 million allowance if transferring your property to your children. 325k in cash, 675k house to your kids would = 0 IHt Completely agree with you on the capital transfer tax though.
  12. On this site would we at least agree that housing shouldn't be given any special exemption from IHT? Continuing just distorts the market and encourages people to live in houses that are far too big for them to maintain and unsuitable for their needs while depriving them from those who need them more. Doing so would be equivalent to a significant increase in the %rate of IHT.
  13. Ironically inheritance tax has historically been unpopular with those who would never pay it, while popular with the champagne socialist who would (though I expect many of them change their mind when they get older and their inheritance gets closer). Such a policy would hurt me in the round, but the increase in fairness and through pure competition theory (best opportunities goes to the brightest not to those with the largest bequests) still benefits me, at the end of the day I can work to improve my income, can't do squat about how much inheritance I can get. The point is without the state there is a natural limit to what you can pass on, sure your kids can probably stop the mob from taking your house, let's see them protect your foreign assets etc. vis a vis Alexander the great, Mongol empire etc.
  14. Do you know what the wealthiest surname on average in the UK is? Goldsmith. Aka the richest people today are the same families who were wealthiest 1000 years ago. That isn't right. Completely sympathise with some of the lack of faith with tax on here, but if you need to raise tax why not do it while addressing social mobility and unearned wealth at the same time? Increase inheritance tax and cut income tax
  15. How can something be a fundamental liberty when it relies on the state and on the force of the law to enforce. Live in Afghanistan and want to pass on your estate to your children? Well they better have some heavy weaponry as otherwise they ain't getting s***