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  1. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    Agreed but that was the comparison given. If I'm going to meticulous gather my arsenal of fetishism, plan to assemble it in a crows nest and plan to go out on a one off blaze of glory it seems rather odd he put no effort into using it all as devastatingly and efficiently as he could have. Like I said he had explosives but used not one. I'm not saying you are wrong, I just find that in itself odd.
  2. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    Because to me fundamentally the execution seems to fall way short of the planning. Yes he killed and injured hundreds but he didn't need even half of what he assembled to do that. He'll have been rationale enough to know this too. He doesn't seem to qualify as a standard serial killer because this wasn't over a protracted period, leaving breadcrumbs for the police. This on paper looks to have been a planned, one off, going out on an absolute blaze of explosions and bullets. You can't deny some of the meticulous planning he put into this but the execution to me falls way short of that planning. Total overkill in the end. In your example you defined assembling 30 years worth of porn to have an epic *****. Comparatively he picked up one playboy magazine and the rest went to waste. He had explosives, yet used none. I find it hard to believe he wasn't tempted to chuck at least one out the window or down the corridor at the police after going through all the risk and trouble of hauling it all into the room in the first place. He more or less used one gun out the entire arsenal and then decided to shoot himself just as the police arrived. In a perverse way it's almost anti climatic.
  3. He is not wrong from my stand point. I work for a global software house with thousands of staff in India The company is suffering from an absolute dearth of resource right now across Europe, (mainly in the UK) specially for both consultants and even support staff with both IT AND industry knowledge. Guess what, all those India programmers they have aren't saving their bacon. Even the clients themselves of my company have similar issues. The problem goes back to the labour days when they kicked open the visa door to Asia. It smashed a booming IT industry and frankly for good decade made it redundant for graduates to bother learning code anymore. Why bother, the money wasn't in it anymore. This simply hollowed out the IT pool here which has lead us to the current situation. The only good consultants and project managers I know personally are ex programmers who are late 30's and older who can communicate. The idea this deficit in local IT talent can be back filled by flying in Asian staff on Visas is ridiculous. The problem is no one will bother to learn code now to get IT literate because the job of programming itself is redundant in the west. Yet all the new blood in my office are pathetically IT literate.
  4. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    Precisely, what I'm questioning is his method. It's bizarre. It doesn't meet your average 'falling down' I've had it with this life character. If it was truly just scratching an impulse to kill then all he needed in that room with him was one machine gun and a shit load of bullets. Especially if he had the end intention of killing himself. Instead he's took the trouble to smuggle in an arsenal he himself had absolutely no realistic chance of using on his own. Complete overkill. Then factor in he tried to barricade the floor, setup an impressive camera system too. That with the arsenal tends to suggests he planned to hold out in siege yet ended up killing himself the moment police closed in. Then add in the reports/rumours he was sharing the room with others (possibly a prostitute) again doesn't tie into the theme he put all this elaborate preparedness only to risk it by letting some prostitute come and go in the room. Like I said, very weird case hence why the information coming out seems almost non existent.
  5. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    I see your point but ultimately he also risked this 'release' by smuggling into a very busy hotel an unnecessary amount of firearms. The place itself was hardly secure, it merely offered him a birds nest. When you've seen similar shootings conducted in the past by the unhinged, they have still possessed enough rationale to carry it out in a practical, don't get caught before hand sense. I can't recall a time where they turned up like John Rambo with an unnecessary arsenal strapped to their backs before they go out in a hail of bullets. Even then they still posses enough rationale to know they don't need to bring an arsenal for their murder spree because the chances are they won't get the time to use any of it. It just doesn't seem to meet the criteria. he doesn't either seem to meet the 'Falling Down' type character of suddenly cracking, as based on preliminary reports he was scoping out targets (concerts) for weeks.
  6. You'll find many Northerners regards 1975 as the vote that impacted them the worst, not so far a hypothetical situation we don;t yet have an outcome on. As it stands North England did far better better historically outside the EU than since it joined. That's the cold simple truth that cannot be denied. The only winners in the current arrangement is by and large the South East and prior to Brexit there was zero prospects of that changing whatsoever.
  7. Well yes, the issue always was our economy was arranged/rigged unevenly to the single market when we first joined. Fast forward today's climate and the clue alone explains why the brexit vote hardened the further North you went in England. You are preaching to the converted, yes a Brexit will cause an adjustment to the current economic arrangement but you continually refuse to acknowledge the people who were thrown overboard in this current setup and continually criticise them for voting for change. It's difficult to convince a disenfranchised electorate to prop up an economy they were never part of in the first place.
  8. Vegas Shooter on Psyche meds

    What I do find odd is if the initial intent and planning was there to do this, then why up the risk of being caught before hand by smuggling into the hotel a 23 gun arsenal. From what I have read he only used one gun, the 22 other guns were nothing more than ornaments. That's the part that really doesn't make sense. it's not practical to bring that much for just one man. I don't believe it's outside the realms of possibility that either more were involved and he' been left behind or was a patsy. Or another alternative, like an arms deal gone wrong and this shooting was an effort to cover the real purpose of what happened in that room. Very bizarre case.
  9. Tosh. Similar to the hypocritical Polish. Happy to expect full rights to travel other places, happy to deny it to others back on the home farm. I've visited Cluj numerous times as work required it recently. A few beers with the locals and their views on Gypsies and blacks would have you blushing.
  10. In other news, the EU continues to go from strength to strength. Let me guess, nothing to see here
  11. Not too coincidental that Hollywoods money to the Democrats/Clintons goes to waste and now certain dynasties are falling. A crisis that started with the MSM has now reached the entertainment industry and next up will be the music industry. One article I did read pretty much alludes to the fact that with the collapse of the traditional print media Hollywood, as one example are now finding it more difficult to keep a lid on things. Whereas before they could throw money at the problem to hush up the media and everyone else. That model no longer applies. The establishments gate keepers of news and entertainment are imploding.
  12. I see that 'worthless' vote to the AFD in Germany hasn't changed a thing.....oh hang on....Merkel's agreed to a refugee limit. It's almost as wasn't a wasted vote.
  13. Hence why Farage is pushing for hard Brexit, he knows European politics and knows the reality. It's hard Brexit or we grind on in a no mans land transition as the EU project just surges from crisis to crisis.
  14. and to think in two years time anything negotiated for Brexit has to be signed off by all remaining EU members. Pissing into the wind springs to mind. Despite the bluster which is nothing but a front for voters back home, this 'transitional period' is something the EU will prefer also (behind closed doors) because they can see the impending crisis. The EU will want to avoid a disorderly Brexit just as much as the UK government does. This is an extinctional crisis for the project, I think with the German election result clear, many people are finally beginning to wake up to the reality which is not too far down the road now.
  15. Well because it's the same tired cliche of Britain isolating herself. It's just empty rhetoric that the likes of Farage never espoused. A points based system is not isolation, plenty of our countries operate one without being accused of isolation. We'd be no more isolated than we were pre the EU.