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  1. Australia Faces Its Demons

    Home sellers drop listed prices by up to 30 per cent in pockets of Sydney SYDNEY home sellers have had to accept GFC-level price declines due to a weakening market that has given buyers more bargaining power, but some suburbs have been more affected than others. http://www.news.com.au/finance/real-estate/sydney-nsw/home-sellers-drop-listed-prices-by-up-to-30-per-cent-in-pockets-of-sydney/news-story/dae2aaaad1596760ffaa06d5f0975337
  2. These are just the same old stress tests designed to pass, manipulated and suspended if necessary by other central banks. The title is misleading and an attempt at fearmongering. There's really no need, things are quite bleak enough here at the edge of the precipice.
  3. HPC a global happening

    Australia, NZ, and the warning from Brookings on the US as covered by Mish last week. G20 this weekend will show how well concerted global asset bubbles policy is holding up, I think we're all seeing the cracks now.
  4. Nationwide Feb 2018

    The London crash should take care of that in a lot of places, they'll feel like more of an indulgence when your paper gains are being wiped out. Exit doors are looking squeezed already.
  5. Nationwide Feb 2018

    Cash sales are included in the Acadata reports, may explain why they're ahead of Nationwide in trending lower.
  6. Bt9

    https://www.propertypal.com/apt-1-1a-ormiston-crescent-upper-newtownards-road-belfast/505179/photo-5 And another one. There's regulatory pressure on banks to deal with non-performing loans now before tightening begins, also discussed in a thread about vulture funds moving in.
  7. The Bank Of England Clueless Thread

    The Bank published it's Agents Summary of Business Conditions, including a few interesting points missing from coverage. Lending to construction is down: The way to rate hikes continues to be paved with wage pressures: And that fall in CPI still looks far from certain:
  8. Interest Rates

    How do central banks realistically reverse course on QT now? It would imply that QE was infinite, which would in turn imply that all currencies should price that in and go to zero and bond yields to infinity, immediately. Whatever havoc they wreak, they'll have to see it through at least for a few years.
  9. Me too, it's quite unique and completely unnatural.
  10. DOW falls 1100 points

    I think this is important. The spike in VIX and the collapse in investor confidence are not proportionate to the size of the drops yet, but they are starting to get in line with the size of the bubble.
  11. Interest Rates

    They warned about both the imminence and the degree. +0.5% in May. Anyone who buys a house in the meantime deserves every penny of their negative equity.
  12. Interest Rates

    Quite right. It looks we won't be disappointed.
  13. Interest Rates

    Best news in a long time, and there's been no shortage of good news lately.
  14. Interest Rates

    Getting behind a curve isn't a very clear process. The concerns expressed by the dissenting members of the MPC is that too little now will mean too severe a response later in the year or post-independence. So it's not clear they can sit tight, especially when wage pressure has raised its head in the UK. I'm 95% expecting what we've been promised, but nothing is certain now.