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  1. Trolling by private message

    This ×100
  2. They just wont stop....

    @Pop I'm talking about you being a dedeveloper. Don't care if it was 10/20 years ago it's actually YOU that is the biggest problem for today's buyers. You said yourself if there's a crash you'll be back at it. The irony of you being on here for *that* reason should not be lost on people saying 'good post'.
  3. They just wont stop....

    So when you buy as an investor it's OK because there's been a HPC but when someone else has bought for security they've made the problem worse ? It's this that FMRO with some threads here. Lots STR when they thought there would be a big crash 10 years ago and are almost demented now that the government has thrown everything at it. I said to my OH the other day if we were renting we'd be out of the UK now but I can't face the whole situation at the moment with young kids and people trudging through the house. But as soon as I can we'll be gone.
  4. They just wont stop....

    This is the exact reason I started reading in 2010. I'm back now because I'd hoped to upsize but only if this elusive crash does happen could we even contemplate it. Don't blame some random person on the Internet who actually agrees with you for doing what they thought was the best thing for their situation. The problem with this site is there are so many bitter posters who think you can only be bitter if you don't own.
  5. Interest rate rises are coming...

    That's wise if you can. But does that mean staying in Europe, heading for the US, Asia?? When it hits the fan, I'm not sure any where will be safe. It may be a little sunnier, but not necessarily better
  6. Interest rate rises are coming...

    NDN is for sale. They have had a steady amount of viewers for the last 3 weeks - I'll keep an eye out to see if the viewings keep up. We are in London and prices are down but it's still on very high and people are still coming to look...
  7. Interest rate rises are coming...

    They are a very long way off being 5%. And an increase of 0.25% and a clear 'slow and steady' outlook isn't really that much to celebrate. They are literally giving themselves some wiggle room to drop again if they need to.
  8. First Time Buyers' mortgage squeeze

    I don't think 90+% LTV is only for FTB. Have some friends who have jumped from first time type homes (2 up/down and flat) to 3 bed semi's in London and the cost of the houses have been huge. We have decided to stay in our totally fine 2 up/down semi (OK end terrace ?) and remortgage on a 5 year fix with no early repayment charges. I think the next few years with Brexit is going to be carnage for most but some will be better prepared and placed for it.
  9. Oh right. A deposit once the home buyer pack has been received and read would be OK but yes definitely not just after offering with how it works now.
  10. Agree 100%. It would speed up the process. But don't understand 'not right to tie buyers into deposits without one'? In England there's no deposit only exchange once surveys have been done?
  11. women as victims

    That would depend on whether she'd checked with the person she was having sex with if it was OK to film. Filming consensual sex secretly is still really really all shades of wrong. You can see that can't you ?
  12. "weird market" in mumsnet

    Oh I don't know. There's some pretty vile, misogynistic, little Englander sites out there.
  13. Sentiment currently

    Our house is on the market SW London. Been on for 4 weeks and had an almost stampede of viewings and then nothing this weekend. Sentiment is changing, and fast. We have decided we're going to take it off as we're not ready to move. This is our first house so never sold before. Been an eye opener. If I were a ftb (as our house is really geared towards) I'm not sure what I'd do. The market, to me, seems to be slowing and I'd want to see if there was a drop but the bounce that's possible (as we've seen) afterwards could be so quick and manic high.
  14. Not quite there yet...

    I'm seeing some reductions in my part of SW London but it's still not enough. I looked at a place today and it had been reduced by £50k but it was still over priced by at least £75k.
  15. Moonlighting?

    Interesting. It doesn't sound as angry as TheCount does on here though ?