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  1. Not quite there yet...

    I'm seeing some reductions in my part of SW London but it's still not enough. I looked at a place today and it had been reduced by £50k but it was still over priced by at least £75k.
  2. Moonlighting?

    Interesting. It doesn't sound as angry as TheCount does on here though 😀
  3. Overheard on the train

    If it was about a group of men it wouldn't be misogynistic now would it? 🤔
  4. Overheard on the train

    Did I say it was?? And yes I'd call them out on their terrible behaviour too.
  5. Home improvement slowdown

    Agree with canbuywontbuy, people spend not necessarily when they're moving but when they're trapped in their current size house. We've spent a bit on ours as maintenance and a few things to make it nicer *for us* to live in but nothing else as it's near on impossible to get a tradie in, or quote a sensible price. The next 12 months will be very interesting. If they don't crash by next summer we'll sell up and leave and if they do we'll sell up and buy a bigger place. It's a win/win for me.
  6. Overheard on the train

    Ffs I despair. No wonder there's just a handful of people who bother to post on this forum with such sexist b/s being allowed and tolerated. There's surely only so many posts TheCount can start and reply to himself on...or maybe not.
  7. Overheard on the train

    Yes but he didn't describe them as bubbly or over excited did he. And seriously, because you're a long term renter it's OK to speak appalling about people who aren't??
  8. Overheard on the train

    Probably the best post on this thread. Total misogynist tone to your post there Jolly. And don't give that 'I don't mean them any harm' because your tone and the way you described them was pretty outrageous. You either don't have daughters, or sisters, or a mother for that matter because any man who thinks it's OK to speak about woman like that is an a/hole quite frankly.
  9. I think nervous home buyers is referring to those actually buying at the moment, not looking to buy. I've been watching my area of SW London and prices on 2 beds have been falling for a good few weeks and hardly any for sale now whereas 3 beds are just starting to decrease but still lots on RM.
  10. HPC crazy? No.

    This was us and we bought for stability in London. We're in a 2 bed house and no way would I fork out the ridiculous cash needed for a 3 bed in my area. Considering we bought in 2010 for £200k and 3 beds were £230-250k it blows my mind they are now £500k +.
  11. Boomer Bomad Btl Scum

    Of course buying a house especially in the UK where renting is at your own peril, is seen as the better option. Could the convo have gone more like, silly girl bought a house with the BF, they broke up 11 days later (!) and they had to rent it out as who would buy a house so close to being sold? Silly mare was lucky she made some profit but that's only because of the bonkers market at the moment. ??? You don't need to think ^everyone^ is out to get you. Sometimes people do daft things and get lucky...sometimes not.
  12. Uk Loses Aaa Credit Rating.

    Will never happen. NZ has the easiest immigration stance but Australia and Canada not so. No way would they open their borders to the UK.
  13. Brexit - Are You Having Regrets? -- Multiple Merged

    It's not 'mere' panic it's rightly deserved panic. The UK has served it's own notice and for what? The same as they've got now apparently.
  14. Ftb - Mid 30S. Should I Buy?

    Are your kids in school Duke? Knowing we won't be fecked out at short notice is the main reason (only for me) that we bought. Having said that our mortgage is half of what it would cost to rent where we are in London now, which to me is madness. Imo it should always be cheaper to rent.